Saturday, April 30, 2011

most likely to escape.

Lynette Fromme 1966
Redondo Union High School.

I guess there were no categories for
Most Likely To~
  Attempt a Presidential assassination.
 Attack a fellow inmate with a claw hammer.
Escape from a federal prison.
Have a scuffle with an Inside Edition camera person when all you are trying to do is go to Walmart.


most likely to be considered the Zodiac Killer

 ~Where was Bruce during his 1970 disappearing act. The L.A  sewers, Death Valley or Midtown,TN?   
Below is a link to a semi recent article about Bruce Davis from one of his home state news papers. Rumor had it after Mother Mary implicated Bruce in the killing of Gary Hinman, he and Brenda went into hiding.  But not before a quickie wedding in Vegas and a honeymoon in the L.A. sewer system. The bride and groom wore freshly carved  X's on their foreheads.  At the reception they dined on various species of cesspool vermin.  Yummy.  At some point during the under ground festivities, Bruce returned to his home town without his bride, stunning the locals with his change in appearance.  You would think he would have taken Nancy home to meet her new in laws?


 "I recall Mama's voice saying, 'As long as I have a job
and one dollar to my name, Bruce will go to school
as long as he wants to.  And you won't have one
(expletive)  thing to say about it'.  .....Bruce's sister Judith speaks about her mother and drunkard father's battle to continue Bruce's education.

I bet Mama went from paying tuition fees to paying lawyer fees.
Talk about a bad investment.
Bruce Davis 1961 Roane County High
 School in Tennessee.
Bruce chose the caption- "angry young man"
for his yearbook quote.

After high school Bruce attended University
 of Tennessee for 3 semesters studying
Political Science.

Bruce Davis graduated from Roane Couty High School in Kingston in 1961. The school’s yearbook shows Davis being honored as a top social science student.
University of Tennessee circa 1961-1963

A CAST OF~KiLLeRs~ poliTicaL ScieNCe MaJoR,HOmE ComiNG PriNceSs,The STocK bRokeRS daUghTer, ConSPiRAtOrS

Helter Skelter
Thanks to Sbuch for the idea.


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