Friday, July 19, 2013

Sexy Sadie gets probed by Bill Nelson

While cruising around the Internet superhighway, I came across a letter from Susan Atkins to Bill Nelson from 1992 where she had answered some questions that Bill had previously asked her in a letter. For those of you who do not know who the late Bill Nelson was, well, he was an author, and self-claimed researcher on EVERYTHING having to do with the Tate/LaBianca murders, etc., although in my opinion, he was more like a stalker than anything else. Anyway, I do apologize for not giving you the full letter. Frankly, it is too long & dragged out with her quotations from the Bible, and ramblings. As everyone recalls, Susan Atkins was a born-again Christian, and every other sentence in her correspondence had something to do with religion. Of course, to each their own in that aspect. I would never judge someone for their beliefs/disbeliefs. This letter is interesting in so many ways, but especially in the Bruce Davis kind of way. Hasn't Bruce Davis told the parole board over & over again that after he participated in Shorty Shea's murder, he was really disturbed, and went off to be by himself for a day or two? Well, according to the Sexy one, that isn't exactly what happened. He failed to mention that he was not only part of the execution squad, but also had a job as part of the clean up crew. This is the first time I have heard about this. I do remember reading that his finger prints were found on Shorty's foot locker, or something to that effect, but didn't know about the other parts. Of course, we all know it is hearsay now, but it still makes for an interesting read. Here is where the letter starts pertaining to her answers to the questions he had asked her in a previous letter:

I’m going to attempt to answer your questions, however, Bill, I really want you to hear me every time you probe me for answers that you think I may have tucked away in my brain from the past, it is VERY painful for me to go back to those awful times. Then I think, well, perhaps I may remember something that may help solve a murder, and isn’t it worth the pain to see if perhaps I may know something that could help someone so, per your request, I’ve probed and come up with the following:

  1. I have no idea of who DeGrimstone is, however, there was a man that Charlie had met at Spahn’s ranch, and out at Golar Wash, and he was a Christian Scientist(I think she meant Scientologist). Bruce Davis was a friend of his, and I think they knew each other from England, but I do not know his last name, and I think that his first name might have been John, but that is a guess. I also remember that Charlie did not like him very much, and also, that Paul Watkins and he got along VERY WELL.

  1. I have no memory of a teaching about water at every killing, whatsoever, but I do remember he instructed the guys, I don’t know which ones, that it was important to put tanks or big barrels of water out in the desert at strategic places so they would always have water to drink.

  1. He never mentioned those who were murdered being his slaves in the afterlife, in my presence. Your questions is the first reference I’ve ever heard of such a thing.

  1. I do not recall ever entering the Process Church in S.F., in fact the first I ever heard of such a church was when I was reading Ultimate Evil by Maurey Terry.

  1. I know nothing about a primered Chevy Corvette.

  1. Yes, I remember a Studabake, but it was my fathers when I was growing up, sorry, I do not recall any such car at Spahn’s, I don’t think I was cognizant enough to determine a make or model of any car or truck.

  1. I never heard, as God is my witness, Doreen Gaul’s name before until I read it in your letter, and I really didn’t know that Bruce Davis had a girlfriend.

  1. Charlie told me that Shorty Shea had been killed, when he told me and Gypsy and Clem and Mary Brunner and Bruce to go to the site of where he was killed and buried, or the general vicinity of his burial, and look for blood on the ground, or the leaves, and to clean up any evidence. That is how I know where to take the D.A. to try to find Shorty’s body. I was told that it was Steve Grogan, Tex, Bruce, and Charlie who killed Shorty. I think it was Steve who told me, and that he had cut off his head.

  1. I do not remember saying any such thing about Steve Grogan, however, it sure isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that someone said it, and I got tagged with it. And it is, by the way, really annoying to have so many people out there in the world perceive me as some sex crazed person, really annoying!!!!

  1. I do not know who the Jane Doe is, although it looks remarkably like Linda Kasabian, as I remember her.

  1. I’ve never read, or am I at all interested in H/S, and thus have absolutely no idea who Marina Habe on page 642, and 646 is.

  1. I had no idea that Bruce Davis was ever anywhere until I met him, I think, in Topanga canyon before he went to England, I think he went to England for a while. He disappeared while I was pregnant with my son, and came back around the time my son was born.

  1. Do I know anything about Zodiac? Are you asking me if I know anything about the Zodiac, or a person named Zodiac? I seem to recall that while I was in jail for the murders, there was some mention of some person named Zodiac, but I don’t know anything about him/her.

Bill, all of the above is/was very hard for me. If I knew that I knew anything to help, I’d have volunteered information years ago, but I just don’t know anything, and the persistence in questions is extremely hard for me. Please thing about that the next time you get the urge to send me “old” photos, that perhaps would be better for me if I never were to see them. Paul wrote that “behold old things are passed away, behold all things are new.” I’m a new creature in Christ and I really do not like being put in the position by my “friends” to remember the past, the old things, the painful things. My beloved James, who loves me, NEVER even mentions my past to me.

I’m not sure why you felt it necessary to send me “never before seen” pictures of Sharon Tate, but, please, please do not do that to me again. Part of me wonders if you want to induce a reaction out of me, by sending me the pictures that you send me. See, it is YOU who are researching my past, and in so doing, you uncover things that God has already HEALED in my heart, buried and put in the SEA of forgetfulness, and then along comes my precious brother in Christ, wanting to show me what he’s uncovered and it’s like what has been healed is opened up again and it hurts, Bill, I don’t know how else to explain it. I deal with remorse every day I’m alive, don’t you realize that the pictures you send bring the reason why I’m in prison right back into my heart and mind and soul, and I grieve all over again? Is there no end, not even in the Kingdom of God? Am I to never be allowed to let the past rest?

The rest of the letter, and many more can be found at a wonderful site called "Truth on Tate/LaBianca" forum.This forum is two-thumbs up, in my opinion! Here is the link:
Susan Atkins letters to Bill Nelson