Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Charles Alan Green (Beard) Follow-up

 I dislike having to step on an important post like the Tenerelli Files but the Charles Alan Green situation has become time sensitive.

You will recall back at the end of August 2022 I posted a piece on Charles Allen Beard and what had become of him. 


Since I made my post Cielodrive was able to get copies of Green's parole hearings through the 2020 hearing where he first was granted parole. It was reversed by the governor. Unbeknownst to me when I initially published the post, Green was having another parole hearing on September 1, 2022, the same week I put up the post. He was again granted parole by the two-person parole hearing board.

Cielodrive requested the hearing transcripts for the 2022 hearing but it takes 30 days for those hearings to be released. In the meantime, I read the 2020 transcript and found it to be completely at odds with what Green had said to Lynette Fromme and Charles Manson about his parents being in law enforcement.

In the hearing he affirmed to the parole board members that he had been raised by Hells Angels and prostitutes, his father was killed in a gang fight either before he was born or shortly after and he generally had a very violent upbringing. (Reading between the lines, Green was presenting himself as the victim and whatever he had done was not his fault but the fault of his mother and the environment he was raised in.)

2020 hearing transcript

Once Cielodrive received the 2022 hearing transcripts we found he had essentially said the same thing.

2022 hearing transcript

What? In one instance to Fromme and Manson he says he had a law enforcement upbringing and to the parole board he claims to have been raised by Hells Angels etc. Something was not right and I aimed to find out what was true.

I found that everything Green told the parole board was a lie. Then I set about writing a letter to the DA's office in the county where Green was convicted with my findings. I snail mailed the letter to the DA because I was afraid that since I had a number of attachments that an email wouldn't be read for fear of viruses or something. To my dismay, I did not hear back from the DA's office, not even an acknowledgement that they had received my letter. I even emailed the DDA that attended the 2022 hearing a couple of weeks later to ask if he had received it. Crickets. 

I asked Cielodrive if there was something else that could be done. He suggested writing to the chief of victim services at the CDC (California Department of Corrections) since he had worked with her before on other issues. Cielodrive sent her an email of introduction and she agreed to hear me out. I couldn't have been happier about the outcome.

The victim services woman said she would send my letter to the chief of BPH (Bureau of Parole Hearings) investigations for their consideration.  It took a few weeks before I heard back. The day before yesterday, Monday, I got the outcome.

From the woman at victim services-

Hi Deb, thanks for your patience.  BPH updated me this morning – see below.  The information that you submitted has been reviewed by BPH Investigations and the information will all be included in the package that is going to be sent over to the Governor’s Office.  I hope this helps.   Stay in touch

What BPH investigations sent-

 Dear Katie, we have reviewed the allegations and the hearing transcript. We are sharing this information with the Governor’s office so they will have it as well.

The letter and attachments

You can help too by sending a note to the governor opposing Green's release. It can be done by snail mail or email. Remember that he is incarcerated under the name Charles Alan Green and his prison number is B93617. His prison number should be included in whatever you send. For the subject choose "Parole-Governors Review" in the drop-down menu. According to my calculations the 120-day review period by BPH and the governor ends on December 29, 2022.

None of this would have been possible without the help of Cielodrive and of Buntline Special who helped gather the material for the attachments and edited the first draft of my letter. It was kind of snarky! 

Amid all the sniping that the comments sometimes induce it's through conversation that we can make a difference.