Saturday, September 21, 2013

Off Topic: Dorothea Puente House

OK so this has nothing to do with Manson, but it's creepy so maybe you will like it.
There was this "sweet" little old lady named Dorothea Puente: ever heard of her? She got caught poisoning her boarding house tenants, burying them in her yard and then collecting their social security checks. All in all, seven bodies were found in what turns out to be a VERY small side yard surrounded on three sides by neighbors. Another two suspected victims were never found. Dorothea recently died at Chowchilla on 3/27/11, which is also where Susan Atkins passed on 9/24/09.

Anywhoo, a couple in Sacramento bought the beautiful old Victorian a few years back and completely remodeled it. It is their primary residence and is occasionally open for tours. Patty was lucky enough to be admitted to "the Puente House" on 9/15/2013. Obviously, the new owners have a sense of humor.
Some may find this entire spectacle repugnant or offensive, but we have to remember that what happened here is history. If we forget our history, or sweep it under the rug, we are bound to repeat our mistakes. A docent reminded Patty that we KNOW what happened in this house: think of all the things that happened in other houses that we will never know about? Nobody had to sell Patty on the idea mind you, the docent was preaching to the choir.

Here are Patty's photos for your viewing enjoyment:

The tour made national news. You can see the AP write up of the sacbee article , here on