Sunday, April 17, 2022

Who Drove to Gary's?


Ella Jo Bailey testified for the People that she had known Manson since 1967 and travelled extensively throughout the southwestern United States with him, Mary Brunner, Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynne Fromme, and that they moved to the Spahn Ranch in 1968 where she met Davis and Beausoleil. 

Several times during May and June 1969, Manson talked to Bailey and others about "going out" to get money to buy dune buggies to go to the desert to live. In July of 1969 Manson talked to several members of the family about the need to get money and names were discussed of various persons from whom they could get money. Hinman's name was discussed and the fact that he owned a house and stocks and bonds. 

On July 26, 1969, Manson told Bailey and Bill Vance that he wanted them to go to Hinman's house and persuade him to join the "family" or sign over all of his property and automobiles. Vance said he had better things to do and walked away. That night at about 6 p.m. Bailey saw Manson talking to Beausoleil and Davis. Beausoleil had a knife (People's exh. 18) and Davis had a nine millimeter Radom gun (People's exh. 30). Subsequent investigation by officers established that Davis had purchased the gun under an assumed name. Bailey saw Brunner and Atkins dressed in dark clothes. Bailey saw Brunner, Atkins, Beausoleil and a fourth unidentified person drive off in [71 Cal. App. 3d 14] a ranch hand's car which was driven by the fourth person. Davis was still in the parking lot.

Channels Nukes Schreck - Book Review

Michael Channels 

Friday, Grim called Nikolas Schreck's The Manson File Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman a "modern day fairy tale." Yesterday, Michael Channels discussed Schreck in this video. My ears perked up when Channels echoed Grim. 

"This book is like Alice in Wonderland to me."

Before I got going on the video, I noticed a pinned comment identifying a Harry Martin as the originator of the drug burn theory circa 1992 in Martin's Napa Sentinel. The weekly paper did not begin publishing until 8 Jan 1993 but I gave commenter Jack Tatum a pass since he was so good at Ohio State and also because three decades have passed since the info was fresh. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the original article. Channels linked his viewers to a reprint of Martin's piece. 

- Martin's Napa Sentinel Wikipedia page. 

- Here's an article on Martin from in May 2005.  

Of course, I want you to make your own decisions but imo Martin looks like he wants to sell me a Mercury Cougar that blows white smoke out of the exhaust pipe if I even dream of driving on the highway.   

C'mon down to Honest Harry's today and drive home tonight in style!

I jest. Honest Harry Martin was a tabloid journalist and not a used car salesman. Same career as Tom O'Neill now that I think about it. I wonder if Tom also enjoys denim shirts? I bet he dresses better. My brain keeps telling me parallels exist between the two writers but I can't put it all together. 

Anyway. I watched Channels' assassination of Schreck. Channels give sources like he's supposed to and makes interesting points throughout the presentation. I expected some factional, he-said-she-said kinda stuff, but instead walked away wondering for the first time if Schreck's book was cut out of whole cloth. Not saying I'm trying to go full weR7 with you, but I did find myself recently canceled as a podcast guest because I'm from the mean and clueless Manson Blog. 

Manson Blog. Former home of filmmaker Robert Hendrickson. RIP.

Channels' account of the Schreck/Channels meeting with Robby Krieger blew my mind. I'm not sure I'll ever forget it. What are your thoughts on Channels' views on Schreck and his book, neo-Nazi claims included? 

As for the Manson File, I suppose I'll err on the side of that Epimenides dude while I wait. Someday, maybe my book will arrive and allow me to verify things myself. +ggw


*don't eat too much candy today. get a good workout in tomorrow if you do.