Monday, February 7, 2011

The Manson Girls movie

I plan on touching base with Susanna Lo later this week. Does anyone have any other questions you want me to ask her?

Cielo 2011

Thanks to Stacey

Charlie in his cell at Vacaville

Psycho cat Charlie (on E-bay)

I never heard of this one either.   Anyone?
Confessions of a Psycho Cat: The Story of Charles Manson & the Love & Terror Cult  by Johnny Satan.  They only printed 69 copes and this is #12.  First Edition Thus. (?) Hardcover.  It only costs $552.00.  WTF?

Sexy Shitting Sadie as a child

Sadie (far left), two brothers and her mom and dad

Sadie (3rd from left) with childhood friends circa 1958
thanks to Susan N for the bottom pic

Another Book

I found this up for auction on E-bay.  I never even knew it existed.
Anyone know anything about it?  Below is the description.  The auction runs until Feb 10.  So far it is up to almost $20.

Researcher Alistair Krump follows Susan, a troubled teen.  From her nights as an exotic dancer for the Church Of Satan to having to learn to survive in the deserts of Death Valley while the Manson cult and her shocking confession to find answers to the mystery in this new essay.