Saturday, July 9, 2011

Addendum To The Female Bunch

The Female Bunch - An utterly bizarre psychedelic exploitation western. The Female Bunch tells the tale of five lesbians who live on a ranch. They despise men and none are allowed to live with them on the ranch. Russ Tamblyn can bee seen having his face branded before being impaled with a pitchfork.
I was wondering why the man on the cover had a cross on his forehead.

Above is another synopsis I found about The Female Bunch.

The movie was filmed at Spahn Movie Ranch in 1969. It is very likely the Family was living there at the time of filming. There is a good possibility Charlie and company watched the filming. Maybe even a few members appeared as extras? There are quite a few similarities in the movie and - in the life of the Family.

The Family - An utterly bizarre psychedelic exploitation semi-western.  A group of (bi-sexual) women live on the ranch with very few men. One man being their leader, Charlie. They despise society and its rules. The leader Charlie himself branded an X on his forehead. His women followed suit.

Did Charlie take what he saw in the filming of the movie and intertwine it with his own life and the Family?