Monday, October 31, 2022

Red and Blue letters and ruminations

Lynette and Sandy at the motel in Independence

 Ages ago we did a post on Millie McCormick who was the secretary for Inyo County District Attorney Frank Fowles. The final paragraph of the article that was posted says that a friend of Millie's, who worked at the motel where Lynette and Sandy were staying in Independence, found some letters left behind by the two.

One of the letters was to Sandy from her friend JoAnne about Joel Pugh. Simon Wells reproduced this letter on his webpage about the death of Joel Pugh with some interesting commentary.

That letter, a couple more letters, one from Sandy's father, and ruminations by Lynette were included in the cache found by Millie's friend. Of interest is Lynette's account of the October 10th Barker Ranch raid.