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Questions for Alisa Statman

Please post you have for Alisa Statman in the comments section. These questions will be forwarded on to Alisa.

We are grateful to her.

Please. No questions about Debra Tate. To answer any and all Debra questions, she sends this:

...to avoid any more speculation and questions on why Debbie Tate is not involved in this book--and then, honestly, I will have nothing more to add on the subject of Debbie...Debbie is not part of Restless Souls simply because Patti was never close with Debbie, therefore Brie and I were never close with Debbie. In its original format, Restless Souls was Patti's autobiography. At that time, Debbie was not included in Patti's story (nor was she included in either PJ or Doris' roughly done outlines/manuscripts). When it was changed into a family memoir, I decided to keep Patti's voice as a constant throughout--you'll notice we often begin with a memory of Patti's even if the chapter isn't about her--therefore it seemed only logical to continue forward in the original fashion Patti had begun to exclude Debbie.

I hope you all don't mind, but I'm going to take this opportunity to pimp out the Restless Souls Book Trailer HarperCollins amde because it's got some fantastic footage of Sharon with Doris Tate's VO--which for those of you who've read the book, know she means every word of it. Also, I'd like to note that in the Enhanced eBook, there are more recordings, video, and different photos... Here's the link to the trailer. Thanks!

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Restless Souls

Just ran out to B&N and and picked-up my copy.

Page 1...

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Sadie's son Zezozoze Zadfrack Glutz

Ruth Ann holding Zezozoze.
There has been much talk over the years about the baby in this photo.
Some say it resembles a mixed race child. Nope. It's Sadie's little white baby boy.

Sandy with Ivan

Gypsy and Clem's son Paul

Dennis Rice's children

left to right- Nicholas, Kathryn holding unknown baby, Joseph and Samuel

Babies never seen in pictures- Bobby and Kitty's daughter, Danny DeCarlo's son Dennis
and Valentine Michael Manson. Did I forget any?

Lynette's Year Book Photos

I personally never found Lynn to be a pretty girl,
except for in the above picture.

Yearbook photos of Lynn.
School and date unknown.

Thanks to Sarah for the pics.

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Ukiah Daily Journal: October 13, 1968

Seven-year old child finds bodies; no clue to slayer

A seven-year old boy who awakened shortly after 7:30 this morning ran out of his trailer home six miles south of Ukiah off Highway 101 and found his mother lying on the ground, the victim of a brutal strangler.

The shocked youngster then ran into the adjoining house occupied by his grandmother only to find her lying dead on the floor, also strangled.

The victims were Nancy Warren, 64, and her granddaughter, Clyda Jean Dulaney, 24, wife of California Highway patrolman Don Dulaney and an expectant mother.

Making the gruesome discovery was Johnny Ussery whose younger brothers, Lane, 5 and Brett, 4, were still asleep in the trailer. The children were the issue of an earlier marriage. Johnny then went back into the trailer, and got his younger brothers dressed. The youngsters trudged south to the home of Don Torell where John blurted out to Torell and his wife “Mommy and grandma are dead.”

Mrs. Torell notified the sheriff’s office and a swarm of deputies, headed by Sherriff Reno Bartolomie, were dispatched to the scene.

The victims, both fully clothed, were slain in identical fashion, garroted with new leather boot laces. Two turns had been taken around the neck and the laces were knotted in back.

Robbery was the apparent motive although a plastic box and glass jar containing approximately $300 in cash was in a closet of the older woman’s home. A metal cash box which had contained a smaller amout of cash had been rifled and left on a table. At the scene was Clyde Warren, owner of Warren Trailer Sales on N. State Street, father of Mrs. Dulaney and son of Mrs. Warren.

Mrs. Warren operated Nancy’s Antique Sales just west of Highway 101 and south of Burke Hill on the two-lane portion of the highway. She was a long-time resident of this area. Mrs. Dulaney was a graduate of Ukiah High School.

John Ussery, Mrs. Dulaney’s first husband, is believed to be in Oregon. The sheriff’s office is attempting to contact him. Officer Dulaney, whose wife and children had been living in a trailer while they attempted to find a house, was contacted in Sacramento this morning. He is enrolled there for a special course.

Dulaney told the sheriff’s office that he dropped his wife and step-children at Nancy’s Antique Shop at 9:30 last night with the intention of continuing on to Sacramento. Realizing that he had forgotten his uniform, Dulaney returned to his Ukiah residence, picked up the uniform and continued on to Sacramento where he signed in at the Academy at 1:45am today.

Nancy Warren / Clyda Dulaney Death Site

The murders of Clyda Dulaney and Nancy Warren have long been thought to have been related to the presence of Manson Family members who were living nearby in Booneville. Six miles south of Ukiah just off the 101 is this pastoral view of Burke Hill: According to a 2008 article in The Anderson Valley Advertiser,the trailer in which Clyda was living near her grandmother's antique store sat about where the Saechao Strawberry Stand is today:
The Pattys attracted some unwanted attention while photographing the stand, so they shimmied on up the road to what is now the Nelson Family Vineyards' tasting room to qualify their presence. Mr. Patty, after all, loves him some Anderson Valley wine! Anderson Valley, in case you did not know, has the same fantastic grape growing conditions as Napa or Sonoma, but with a lot less pretense and price.
Since The Nelsons were nowhere to be seen, The Pattys made their way downtown to "the world's first organic brewery." Directly across the street from here was The Mendocino County Courthouse, with which Sadie Mae Glutz was well acquainted for charges related to prostitution and drug dealing in late 1968 and early 1969.
We may never know if these "senseless" murders were the work of our Sadie and friends.

There are a lot of rough types in Mendocino County; at the edge of Fort Bragg is a large sign that reads "Aggressive Panhandling Prohibited." This does not stop them, however, in the Mendocino Village and elsewhere today as in 1968. Patty noticed while doing her research in The Ukiah Daily Journal that teenage "hippies" were being cited all the time for squatting, petty theft, public intoxication and what have you. While she huddled between odoriferous muttering misfits with large backpacks, walking sticks and imaginary friends, Patty realized that Mendocino County is a place like few others with a really high number of transients per capita. More than most places she's been, anyway.

The Sheriff's Office was all over Sadie Mae Glutz in 1969, but came up with nothing. And, as we all know, this is a girl who liked to talk. What do you think?

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A Who's Who of The Manson Family

As I thought more about Stephanie Rowe I hit up my book case for my newly acquired book-

Adam Gorightly's "A Who's Who of the Manson Family." Along with being one of the Eviliz close knit Family, Adam has been voted "Eviliz's Sexiest Freaky Deaky Man" thirteen years in a row. Matt on the other hand has only made that list 10 years in a row.

Adam's newest Manson book is a great reference tool.
I found it to be more then just the title suggests. It contains updates on what some of your favorite Family members have been doing through out the years. Things even Eviliz did not know. For example -did you know that Bill Nelson before he died was co-authoring Barbara Hoyt's memoirs?
Also enjoyable are the accompanying photos some of which I have never seen before. The "Who's Who of the Manson Family" is a must for your collection.

From Adam's book-
Stephanie Gale Rowe-
A.K.A Suzanne Scott, Barbara Junior
D.OB 3/23/50 P.O.B- Los Angeles
An early member of the Family.
Again not much is known about Stephanie Rowe.
If anyone had any recent info on her, Adam would be the one.
To purchase Adam's "A Who's Who of the Manson Family" go to-

Last I checked, you could purchase a brand new copy for the reasonable amount of $15.25. Or $6.75 for Kindle.

Also check out Adam's first Manson book "The Shadow Over Santa Susana:Black Magic, Mind Control And "The Manson Family Mythos". Another gotta have it book for your bookcase. Since Eviliz sucks at doing book reviews, we are currently looking for one of our members to provide a review of "The Shadow Over Santa Susana". If you are interested drop us an e-mail.

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Catherine Gillies

Q&A Tuesday #1

We have discussed Stephanie Rowe once before. This is one of the more puzzling Family questions we have discussed before. Does anyone have anything new to offer?

Stephanie's mugshot is to the left. Does anyone know the date of the mugshot?

The Grump from Pahrump asks-
Stephenie Rowe/AKA Suzanne Scott

What The Grump knows about her - she was one of the "Witches of Mendocino" arrested with Sadie.

She was mentioned a few times in Little Paul's book, once about driving with her to the desert.

In an interview with Paul in "Death to Pigs", he said she was (is) Jewish.

In the books "The Family", and Adam G.s "Shadows over Santa Susana", she (Stephanie) is identified as the Jane Doe initially identified by Ruby Pearl as "Sherry".

It seems she was with The Family for quite a while. Just wondering if anyone has any more info on her, and what do you think about her being one of the Jane Doe's?

Eviliz surfed the web looking for anything on Stephanie Rowe/Suzanne Scott.

From Mark Turner's site:

Suzanne Scott a.k.a Stephanie Row, a.k.a. Barbara Junior. DOB 3-23-50

From~The X Spot:

Jane Doe #44-Police believed the body of Jane Doe #44 belonged to former "Manson Family" member Susan Scott a.k.a. Stephanie Rowe. Because they lacked identification and other evidence, no charges were ever filed, even though authorities suspected Charlie and his gang of her murder.

Below from a previous Rowe post/ discussion here. Click on the link to read the full story.

Police sketch of victim

Mulholland Drive and Skyline Drive where the body was found.

Another story another theory

California Dreamin': World premier play about Charles Manson at The Met Theatre in L.A.

Jill Charlotte Thomas' new play explores the events leading up to the Manson Family murders of 1969 and suggests a friendship between Charles Manson and coffee heiress and murder victim Abigail Folger. This alternative theory of what lead up to the brutal attacks on 1005o Cielo Drive suggests that the killing may not have been entirely random, that the attackers may have known their victims and that there was a cover up to protect Folgers reputation.

Check out the link for time and dates.

Go see it, bring back a play bill and write us a review.

Thanks to a friend for the tip.

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That came back to bite him in his ass

A different take on Tex's last parole hearing.

Summoning Shea's memory during the parole hearing, Sequeira acknowledged that in 1970 there was only enough evidence to charge Manson and cult members Steve Grogan and Bruce Davis with Shea's killing and decapitation ; but the prosecutor added the subsequent investigations suggest that Watson was part of the four man hit team that carried out the execution telling the Commissioners "Inmate Watson certainly had knowledge of this crime and the whereabouts of Mr. Shea's body for years." Once he was convicted of the other murders, he was certainly in a position to help, and yet he did nothing to assist law enforcement in finding Mr. Shea's body."
Shorty Shea's skeletal remains were located in 1977 on a steep grassy gully off the Santa Susana Pass. It was Clem Grogan who finally leadauthorities to the murder site. The discovery was made without the help of Charles Watson-and it was made some three years after Watson claimed to devoted his life to Christianity.
"If he truly had remorse," Sequeira observed "why has he never come forward to tell law enforcement about this and other crimes, committed by the Manson Family? That doesn't strike me as remorseful."

Thanks to a friend for the article.

Updated and transcribed for Hippiechick40 by A.C.

A recent card to one of our members from Charlie.

Special thanks to A.C. for the accurate transcription.

Left side.) What you can do now is have a good day, every day. Have no regrets or sadness. Just realize, you are where it’s at, because it’s all alone.

(Right Side.) Traveled the world looking for what I needed to find, and found that when I was in the hills, or on the back porch, it was right there, in my own mind. I shook my head in disbelief, I asked holy men, and the highest of priests; They all said, when you can clear your mind of doubts, fears and questions; Rest your mind in peace and love, your mother Earth, you will be in Heaven. (That’s a poem, or perhaps a song he’s working on). I did (it) fast, because back home on the back porch, they called that lazy and stupid. When the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) came to Kentucky, building dams, it destroyed the way of life along the rivers, and the fishing and stills* faded, and the big drain pit in the yard, and how they made apple sauce, and berries in mason jars* and oil lamps went out. And cars and trucks took the wagons away. In just one lifetime, I’ve seen a lot to know, and knew. And so did my uncles and grandmom. But no one could hear them. TV came, and took it all away for the price of money. *refers to distilleries and making homemade wine (That is complaining about the old ways being displaced.) (Right Side, Upside Down) P.S., no need to write back. I’m inside of you forever anyway, forever and always. And now, loving you is all I do. (Aw!)

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Sensory Deprivation


The Specific Psychiatric Syndrome Associated with Solitary Confinement.

a. Hyperresponsivity to External Stimuli: More than half the prisoners reported a progressive inability to tolerate ordinary stimuli.

b. Perceptual Distortions, Illusions, and Hallucinations: Almost a third of the prisoners described hearing voices, often in whispers and often saying frightening things to them.

c. Panic Attacks: Well over half the inmates interviewed described severe panic attacks while in SHU.

d. Difficulties with Thinking, Concentration, and Memory.

e. Intrusive Obsessional Thoughts.

f. Overt Paranoia: Almost half the prisoners interviewed reported paranoid and persecutory fears. Some of these persecutory fears were short of overt psychotic disorganization.

g. Problems with Impulse Control: Slightly less than half of the prisoners reported episodes of loss of impulse control with random violence:

I snap off the handle over absolutely nothing. Have torn up mail and pictures, throw things around. Try to control it. Know it only hurts myself." Several of these prisoners reported impulsive self-mutilation; "I cut my wrists many times in isolation. Now it seems crazy. But every time I did it, I wasn't thinking—lost control—cut myself without knowing what I was doing."

A little more than 30 days in the hole

Thanks to A.C and Grump for the info

from- http://www.mansondirect.com

Charles Manson Placed in Solitary Confinement at Age 77
CORCORAN, Feb. 10, 2012 – On October 4, 2011, officials at the California State Prison in Corcoran moved Charles Manson to the Security Housing Unit (SHU), also known as “the hole”.

Manson has been sentenced to more than a year in solitary confinement, based on the allegation that he was in possession of a “deadly weapon”.

The alleged weapon was a wire from a pair of eye-glasses. Friends of Manson claim this recent decision by prison officials is yet another act of discrimination, since the item in question, although technically a rule violation, is commonly modified and used as a craft tool by inmates throughout the prison.

In solitary confinement (SHU), Manson is held in a cell for 23 hours a day and denied basic privileges such as packages, phone access, contact visits, and normal human interaction. Considering his advanced age, friends are expressing great concern for Manson’s health and well-being.

If you would like to protest Charles Manson’s 15 month sentence to solitary confinement, and express your concern about the conditions under which he is being held, you can write a letter to the state employees listed below. Posting by certified mail will help to hold these bureaucrats to account.

Warden Connie Gipson, Counselor T. Wyman- CCI and Counselor Supervisor R. Broomfield- CCII can be addressed to the same P.O. Box:

P.O. Box 8800
Corcoran, CA

Office of the Ombudsman
Jean Weiss, Ombudsperson for CSP-Corcoran
1515 S Street, Room 124 South
Sacramento, CA

A.C 's comments

Well, some news... Charles is sentenced to a year in Security Housing Unit (solitary confinement) for having a scary, dangerous, life-threatening weapon... a piece of wire from inside a pair of eyeglasses. Yes, really.

A 77 year old guy with emphasema might be able to pin-poke another inmate while standing in the chow line. Frightening yeah?

So same 77 year old is thrown into solitary, no contact visits, no phone, no guitar, only outside for one hour per day. For a year. BTW Amnesty International has declared SHU to be cruel and unusual punishment.

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Eviliz.com Salutes the "Manson Era" Presidents

Nixon: 1969-1974.

From a The New York Times article available here:


While Manson was on trial in August of 1970, Nixon was talking to reporters in Denver, and complained of a media tendency to “glorify and to make heroes” out of people like Manson. He noted that the trial was getting daily coverage, then added “Here was a man who was guilty, directly or indirectly, of eight murders without reason.” Within half an hour, Nixon’s press secretary issued a correction, saying that the president had simply failed to use the word “allege” and had not intended to prejudge the case. In court the next day, Manson was able to grab a copy of The Los Angeles Times and flash its front page (“Manson Guilty, Nixon Declares”) to the jury.
Robert Dallek, a presidential historian, said “He (Nixon) was playing to the whole idea that conservatives stand for law and order and Democrats were permissive and indulgent toward criminals.”

Ford: 1974-1977.

Squeaky “attempts to assassinate” President Ford on Sept 5, 1975 in Sacramento’s Capitol Park. Panamint Patty’s favorite account is Jess Bravin’s:
“As Ford flashed on fear, the sensation passed to Irene Morrison, on Lyn’s right; it was Morrison’s hand Ford had been shaking, and she had hoped the president was about to say something to her. Instead, as his color drained and his features contorted, Ford sucked up air and reflexively jerked back, yanking the twenty-eight-year-old secretary along with him. His right hand flew up to cover his face, his left hand down over his groin, toward which a red sleeved arm was angling.”

Carter: 1977-1981.

President Carter’s younger sister Gloria Carter Spann’s son William Carter Spann was imprisoned with Charlie for a time at Vacaville. You can read Willie’s story, “The Sad Tale of the Bad Peanut,” here in the LA Times:
http://articles.latimes.com/1997-03-16/news/mn-38842_1_jimmy-carter. "Charlie's crazy," he said of Manson, "but he's got a sense of humor that can't be beat." Willie Spann died of AIDS in Oakland, CA in 1997.

Reagan: 1981-1989.

President Reagan’s son Ron Jr. famously interviewed Charlie in 1991. You can see part one of the full interview here on youtube: CLICK HERE. When Manson explained his “message” and asked the President’s son if he believed in God, Reagan responded, “No, I do not.” This was, apparently, a BIG F***ING DEAL. In 2009, Ron Jr. accepted the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s "Emperor Has No Clothes Award." He described as a youth reading the Bible and finding God "positively psychotic." People despise atheists, he declared, "because they're terrified about the weakness of their own faith."

Bush Part I: 1989-1993.

In 1992, President George H. W. Bush recognized Doris Tate as one of his "thousand points of light" for her volunteer work on behalf of victims' rights. By this time Tate had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Her meeting with Bush marked her final public appearance, and she died later the same year.

Clinton: 1993-2001.

There are no direct connections between Bill Clinton and The Family that Patty can locate. But, she will have you consider this: Both Bill Clinton and Charles Manson came from broken homes and were subject to incredibly cruel neglect and outright physical abuse as children. Why did their paths diverge so radically? What made the difference?

Bush Part II: 2001-2009.

From THE BUG’s Wikipedia entry: “Bugliosi condemned the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Bush v. Gore decision that decided the 2000 presidential election. He wrote a lengthy criticism of the case for The Nation titled "None Dare Call It Treason," which he later expanded into a book titled The Betrayal of America.
He also believes that George W. Bush should be charged with the murders of more than 4,000 American soldiers as well as more than 100,000 Iraqis who have died in Iraq since the American-led invasion of that country, because of his belief that Bush launched the invasion under false pretenses. In his book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, he laid out that evidence and outlined what questions he would ask Bush at a potential murder trial. Bugliosi testified at a House Judiciary Committee meeting on 25 July 2008, at which he urged impeachment proceedings for Bush.”

Obama: 2009-Present.

Earlier this year a Michele Bachmann for president supporter called in to an Iowa radio show and had this to offer: “I’m telling you, the guy is a walking nightmare,” the man said of President Barack Obama. “I would vote for Charles Manson before this guy.”
Bachmann supporters were not the first to make this comparison. This link shows similar tactics by a dude at a 2008 Palin/Coleman rally:


Obama detractors like to speak of The Cult of Obama (see americanthinker.com):
“If Obamamania is a cult, then Obama is the cult leader. Cult leaders routinely pull the strings of their followers. The most extreme example is Charles Manson. He rots in prison for murders he never committed. He didn't have to do the dirty work. His brainwashed charges did his bidding.”
Poor Barack! Patty would never want his job. Even Charlie does not think much of him! In the recent Spanish Vanity fair article, Charlie calls President Obama “"a slave of Wall Street” who “doesn't realize what they are doing. They are playing with him."

Helter Skelter, Baby. Have a Great President’s Weekend, will ya?

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WTF Wednesday: Roman Zolanski

From http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1679156/nicki-minaj-roman-zolanski-grammys.jhtml:

Nicki Minaj's Alter Ego Roman Zolanski Makes Grammy Debut
Minaj welcomed her favorite alter ego onstage for her eye-popping performance of "Roman Holiday."
By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212)

Nicki Minaj's wacky alter ego Roman Zolanski made his Grammy debut Sunday night as the MC welcomed him to the stage during her eye-popping performance of "Roman Holiday."

The Brooklyn-bred MC kicked off the buzzed-about spectacle belting out the opening lines of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded track in a confession booth. After she confesses her sins, a short filmed dubbed "The Exorcism of Roman" played, and when she returned to the stage, she was strapped to a board, surrounded by religious icons, priests, monks and the like.

The theatrical performance was punctuated by the track's thumping beat and soaring rap/sung portions by the always fierce Minaj. As the song began to wrap up, a priest stepped onto the stage and performed an exorcism on the pop star, who had broken free of her shackles during the song. Minaj was elevated off the stage through the power of prayer as the frenetic track closed out.

While Minaj's dedicated Barbs know all about her alter ego, not all Grammy viewers might be familiar with Roman, the subject of her upcoming album release. In the sea of Minaj personas, Roman stands out as the most zany. In fact, he was born from Minaj's own anger, as the myth goes. Roman's appearance on Minaj's tracks is hardly new. He once shared a track with Eminem's own alternate persona, Slim Shady, on the Pink Friday song "Roman's Revenge."

As for why Minaj decided to play up religion during her performance, she once shared that aspects of the album (due out in April) will focus on the rehabilitation of Roman.

Barker Grave Sites?

 Above photo shows the sites

Remember the AP article from 2008?  The reporter spoke with retired Inyo County Sheriff's Detective John Little who said that in 1974 Assistant Sheriff Jack Gardiner told him to go up to the Barker Ranch and look for four grave sites within 100 to 150 yards of the ranch house.

Also remember that after Dianne Lake spent 6 months in Patton State Hospital, she came to Big Pine, California to live with Jack Gardiner and his wife as a foster child.  She credits Jack and his wife with deprogramming her and saving her life.

Dianne has never spoken of any knowledge of graves.  But how else would Jack Gardiner know?  Is it possible that Diane has blocked out a lot of her former life just to be able to cope? Some believe that that is a strong possibility.

You may recall that Vern Plumlee and Ed Bailey hooked up with Steve Zabriski at the end of October 1969 up in Portland, Oregon.  They told Zabriski that "Charlie and Clem" were responsible for killing Sharon Tate.  Bailey also said that he had personally seen Charlie shoot a guy in the head with a .45 in a gully behind the Barker Ranch.  Zabriski made a report to Portland PD on November 2nd, 1969.

Virginia Graham and Ronnie Howard were not interviewed about the Susan Atkins confession until November 17th, 1969.  So if Plumlee and Bailey were telling the truth about Manson's connection to the Tate murders over two weeks before Law Enforcement first knew about it, then they must be telling the truth about the murder in the gully behind the Barker Ranch.

Sharon was engaged to Philippe Forquet before she met Jay.
Philippe was much cuter than Jay and ugly ass Roman.

What's good with Bobby?

Easterly Vista
by Bobby
by Bobby

Bobby's site has gone through a big change. Gone are the pictures of Bobby throughout the years. No more magazine articles, no more sob stories.
It seems to be just a site where you can buy Bobby's music and artwork as well as his ex-wife's art. I wonder how his book is coming along.

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Happy Valentines Day

On February 14 around the year 270 A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in Rome in the days of Emperor Claudius II, was executed.

Under the rule of Claudius the Cruel, Rome was involved in many unpopular and bloody campaigns. The emperor had to maintain a strong army, but was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. Claudius believed that Roman men were unwilling to join the army because of their strong attachment to their wives and families.

To alleviate the problem, Claudius banned all marriages and engagements in Rome. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.

When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Valentine was arrested and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten with clubs and beheaded. The sentence was carried out on February 14, on or about the year 270.

Legend also has it that while in jail, St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine."

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Restless Souls

Book Description

The gruesome murders of the beautiful and talented actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child and four others that same night at the hands of the notorious “Manson family” rocked the nation. As one of the most horrific crimes in modern history, these atrocities, the trial and the subsequent conviction of Charles Manson and his followers caused a media sensation, spawning movies, documentaries and bestselling books, including the classic Helter Skelter. A defining moment in an era otherwise associated with radical peace, love and understanding, this incident is one that still resonates with millions today.

Yet while this crime left an indelible mark on society’s consciousness, it was, first and foremost, a shattering personal tragedy for those closest to Sharon—the loving family left to cope with the emotional devastation of her loss. Now, after nearly forty years, their story is finally revealed.

Compiled by close family friend Alisa Statman and Sharon’s niece Brie Tate,Restless Souls draws on a wealth of material including interviews with the Tates, personal letters, tape recordings, home movies, public interviews, private journals, and official documents to provide a powerful, poignant, and affecting four-decade, three-generation memoir of crime and punishment, anguish and hope, rage and love, that is both a chronicle of death and a celebration of life.

Extending beyond all previous accounts, Restless Souls is the most revealing, riveting, and emotionally raw account not just of these heinous murders, the hunt and capture of the killers and the behind-the-scenes drama of their trials, but of the torment victims families’ endure for years in the wake of such senseless violence.

Tate family members set the record straight, correcting media misinformation and delving well beyond the official storyline to provide information, much of it available for the first time. Intimate, honest, and heartfelt, Restless Souls remarkable details, including :
• the dramatic role Sharon’s father, P. J., a retired army intelligence officer, played in finding his daughter’s murderers
• the reaction P. J. had when he came face to face—alone—with Sharon’s convicted killer in a holding room during a parole hearing
• the threats and menace that extended beyond prison walls, haunting the victim’s family for generations later
• the fight Sharon’s mother, Doris, mounted to insure the rights of victims’ loved ones, particularly the right to make an ‘impact statement’ at parole hearings—a legacy that has helped keep dangerous criminals behind bars
• the battles Sharon’s sister, Patti, waged with the entertainment industry as she tirelessly worked to prevent artists from glorifying her sister’s killers in music, art, and films

Told from the Tate’s extraordinary perspective Restless Souls offers a rare glimpse at the post-trauma survival of a family and their journey to find justice and ultimately, peace—a glimpse that couldn’t be more timely as Charles Manson comes up for parole again in 2012.

Release Date February 21, 2012


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