Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's good with Bobby?

Easterly Vista
by Bobby
by Bobby

Bobby's site has gone through a big change. Gone are the pictures of Bobby throughout the years. No more magazine articles, no more sob stories.
It seems to be just a site where you can buy Bobby's music and artwork as well as his ex-wife's art. I wonder how his book is coming along.


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Bobby has so much talent no matter what people say of him or Susan Atkins their artwork is amazing...

Anonymous said...

OK, I admit I've never really considered Bobby as much more than eye-candy. I've always been hazy about the Hinman murder and just tucked it in under TLB. And I'd never bothered reading the Beausoleil website until most of the text was wiped clean and it was only available cached. But the cached stuff I've read has been a revelation. I'm struck by his intelligence and humility, and what seems like a genuine struggle to communicate and understand wtf happened. This guy has something to say. He's a real person. Who knew.