Thursday, December 20, 2018

The fight over Manson's estate continues

Friday December 14th Jason Freeman and Michael Channels met in court for a scheduled hearing to decide who gets the rights to Charles Manson's estate.

Nothing was decided at this hearing except the next hearing date.  According to the Los Angeles Times Jason Freeman told Superior Court Judge Clifford Klein that he would not submit to a DNA test as requested by Michael Channels' attorney unless he was so ordered to do so by the court.  Channels' attorney told the judge he would file a motion for the DNA test.

Attorney Dale Kilken was appointed as a temporary special administrator of Charlie's earthly belongings last August 28, a term that was expected to expire on Friday December 14th, the day of the hearing.  Kilken was able to recover Charlie's things from the prison but told the judge that he had not had time to go through the boxes yet and he had no idea of their value.  Judge Klein extended Kilkin's special administratorship to June 21 2019, the date of the next hearing.

Freeman came out from Florida for the hearing.  Channels lives in the Los Angeles area.

Something tells me this will go on for years.  The attorneys, special administrators and court fees will eat up any value Charlie's estate might have.  In light of Freeman's actions since being granted Manson's remains for a funeral, that might not be a bad thing.

Jason Freeman

Michael Channels