Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Katie's hearing is comin' down fast

pKatie with her long witchy hair which was going to be every one's magic blanket when The Family got to the bottomless pit or where ever it was they were off to that week, has her "Subsequent Suitability Hearing" (is that what they are calling parole hearings these days?) this Thursday  January 20, 2011 @ 1:00 west coast time.  

While I was over at that site, I tired to confirm Tex's scheduled hearing for September 2011 and looked to see if there is a new date for Bruce but, they only have the listed hearings up to April 2011.

Clem 1997

Remember that band Rhythm Town Jive Steve Grogan was preforming in a few years back?  

As far back as 1997, Tim Eschilman, the founding member of Rhythm Town Jive has put together a separate band just for the holiday season titled The Christmas Jug Band.  They put out several albums.  I am not sure if they ever toured.

I was aware of this information for some time now.
I had tried my hardest to find pictures, because I knew Adam Gabriel was part of that band as well.  
I did my best internet sleuthing but came up empty.

Thanks to "J" for being a better web sleuth than I.  Below is the link to the picture of  The Christmas Jug Band circa 1997. Adam Gabriel is on the left with the Dobro resonator guitar.
He still had most of his hair and hadn't gotten fat yet.

It seems Scramblehead and Tim Eschilman's history goes back 13 years.  I wonder how long Tim knew of Adam Gabriel's past life?  I mean, we're they just sitting around one day and reminiscing about their pasts, telling stories and Adam said  "Oh yeah, one time when I was in The Manson Family....."

 (link to pic)  if you need a bigger Clem pic i know i didn't

http://music.napster.com/album/songs.htm?albumid=10918803  (napster link to listen)