Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoshone Caves - Outside View

Ken~ I hope the size of these photos receives your approval. I did them all by myself, like a big girl. ; )

Shoshone Caves from outside this time. These are the caves Brooks, Little Paul and Paul Crockett lived in. Thanks to our Grump for the pics. Grump- you rock!!

Shoshone Sheriff's Sub Station

Charlie to Brooks- "I want you to take this knife and go to Shoshone and kill the Sheriff". Thanks to our Grump from Pahrump for the pics. I used the little sentence he included in the e-mail here as a caption. Hope Grumpy does not mind.

Death Valley Adventures by Panamint Patty

Panamint Patty was beginning to think that somehow The Psychic Barrier had been put up between her and getting good photos for Evil Liz and y'all. On Friday and Saturday, there was a 100-year blizzard that dipped down into Death Valley from the North. Saturday and Sunday there was, of course, the brush fire on 395. Sunday night, more rain and snow so at least the fire went out. Patty kept losing things and interpreted this to be The Soul messing with her and trying to break her spirit...first an onyx earring, then a silver one that her daddy gave her in the 80's, then a black leather glove. To make matters worse, Mr. Patty drove her nearly 200 miles looking for the TJ crash site to no avail, at which point, Aunt Flo showed up and the cramps set in. Some vacation. Yesterday was better, though. Much, much better.

I give you with out comment, the sanitized NPS version of Barker Ranch, circa March, 2011. One last thing though: upon reaching Barker, Patty discovered the missing earrings underneath the passenger seat where she had already looked at least twice...oo-EE-oo!