Thursday, August 11, 2011

A message to from Dianne Lake

Hello my "M Friends",

I  recently received an e-mail from the Dianne Lake. I have added a copy of the e-mail below.  I am contacted by so many "key people" doing this blog, that Ken, Patty, Matt and I sometimes have to pinch each other to see if we are dreaming. Sometimes we also pinch each other just to be mean. Patty usually starts it.

One of my "sources" is a good friend of Dianne Lake's. Dianne has been following the blog and caught the vibe that I am one of the few "good people" in the M blog land. I have  deleted the name of our friend and certain places as to protect my "source" along with Dianne and her family.

The main reason we all congregate here is, we are very interested in what has happened to the "Family" members after it was all said and done. Some say we are obsessed.  I say we are curious. We have discussed Dianne on several occasions with hopes that she went on to live a happy life. You will find out if she did in the e-mail she has allowed me to share with you all.

Dianne has read the good and negative things expressed about her and her family. I am asking you all to please treat her and her family with the same respect and dignity that you would like yourself and your own family to be treated with.

The same way we all did for "Miranda" from Gary Hinman's camp. Also included are a few of my favorite things-putting to rest the lies the media has feed us about the case and the people involved with it. Along with putting some myths to rest.


Hi Liz,

I am the real Dianne Lake. [name redacted] told me you were one of the good ones. I find your blog to be a mostly intelligent discussion of current events.

Most of my extended family does not know the truth about my teen years. On your site you have posted some pictures of me and my granddaughter that I would appreciate if you would remove. Also could you remove the picture of me and some fellow [medical condition redacted] sufferers during a Washington protest rally. The FDA is finally coming to realize that our suffering is cause for action and I do not wish to bring my past into the mix to overshadow the gains that have been made or hurt any of the leaders of this action who do not know of my association.

I have lived a completely normal and productive life and overcame the trauma of living under the influence of drugs and CM except for keeping it a secret. Some of the comments made about my parents are very hurtful and would be extremely hurtful to my mother who is still living and is the dearest soul. Yes they made mistakes but they were very intellectual and thought they were doing the right thing by dropping out of society as well as many other people did during the 60's. My dad being a follower of Allen Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac, admirer of Timothy Leary and an artist was especially susceptible to this "new age". My mother was always very spiritual and loved my father deeply and trusted him more than she should have and went along with the "turning on, tuning in and dropping out". It was a relatively short period in their lives and they have both apologized for "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". I have forgiven them. My father has passed on and we have lived relatively quiet and upstanding lives for 40 years.

I have been married for 32 years to a wonderful man and we have 3 beautiful children, all grown up and out on their own. Please respect me and my family and allow them to live without the evilness that Charlie has come to represent. By the way my nickname "Snake" is my personal story and no version posted is the right one, just fabrications and misinterpretations of others' imaginations to sell books. I have sent 2 pictures of myself to replace the ones I hope you will remove.

Thanks Dianne