Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Clyda Warren Ussery Dulaney

Sometimes, just sometimes all of this blogging stuff is worth it...

During October of 2012 we began a series of posts on the Witches of Mendocino chapter of the Manson tale, culminating with contacting and speaking with Johnny Ussery the not quite 8 year old son of Clyda Dulaney who woke up one morning in 1968 to find both his 24 year old mother, and his 64 year old grandmother, lying within a short proximity of each other, lifeless as a result of a horrific attack.

Several members of the Manson Family had been in the area around the time of the attacks. In fact, a few had been previously arrested nearby in the infamous "Witches of Mendocino" bust. The similarities between the savagery in the Ukiah case and that of  Cielo/Waverly made some wonder if the fact that family members were so close to the Ukiah tragedy timing/geographically-wise, in combination with the eerily similar traits of the brutal slayings, was more than just coincidence.

As a result of researching that piece of history, we were able to make contact with Johnny and speak to him about what he remembered. Then this past weekend we were contacted by Ginger Launder, a childhood friend of Johnny's. The two hadn't seen or spoken to each other in almost 40 years. Ginger had in her family's possession pictures of Johnny's mother that he had not seen - ever. Well, long story short the two are now in touch and are talking about old times and about this cold case that needs attention, AND NOW the Ussery boys finally have some clear photos of their mother.

It's Miller time... 

Clyda and Johnny