Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tex Declared for Leslie!

Why did Tex Watson waste an afternoon, or morning on writing, and signing a declaration for Leslie Van Houten's 2007 parole consideration hearing? By doing this, he not only made himself look like he still cares for his fellow co-defendants, but he also got caught fibbing! Uh oh! Jesus freaks aren't supposed to lie, are they? Leslie has said in numerous parole hearings, and interviews that she KNEW that people were going to get killed the night she tagged along with them. Why is Tex saying otherwise? What the hell? Leave it to Deputy District Attorney Sequeira to find these little gems, and bring them up when these assholes are lying to everyone's face during parole hearings! Our little deputy DA had this to say when Tex made his last appearance before the board:
"In 2005, in conjunction with Leslie Van Houten's parole hearing, Tex Watson wrote a declaration and signed under the penalty of perjury, it's a four-page declaration at the request of Leslie Van Houten which was submitted to the Hearing Panel at that time. And in that -- I won't go into the whole declaration, but basically this declaration attempts to minimize and assist Leslie Van Houten to get a parole date, basically saying things such as -- and I'll just take one paragraph. I'm just going to briefly -- basically, he says that Leslie Van Houten didn't know that a murder was going to occur, that she didn't plan a murder, she didn't know a theft was going to occur. It was dated 11/2/2005 and it was executed here at Ione, California. But my point is, is that I don't believe that this inmate has completely severed his ties or his connection with his crime partners. I note that although he has discussed his crime at different times, I also believe that there were many more instances of crimes that he's aware of that may have been committed by other Manson Family members during the course of the time at the Ranch."

And, in Leslie's 2007 parole hearing, which this declaration was supposed to be for, she refused to talk about the crime itself, yet in her last parole hearing, which was this past summer (June 2013), she was asked by the presiding commissioner if she was aware of the five murders that took place the night before, and Leslie answers this:

"Yes." "We saw bodies being taken out on gurneys." Plus, she went on to state that Pat Krenwinkel had told her all about the murders they had committed the night before. So......all & all, the declaration Tex wrote was a bunch of horse shit! The Deputy DA seems to think these people still want to keep in contact with one another. What do y'all think? It sure does seem that way to me! Opinions on the matter? Anyone? Anyone? To read the actual parole transcripts for both of these mentirosas, please visit the always-bad-ass site of!