Monday, January 5, 2015

Bobby's Parole Hearing Moved to February

I am not on Bobby Beausoleil's mailing list but a friend of mine is on the list.  That friend received an email saying that Bobby's parole hearing has been moved from October up to mid February.  Here is the text of the email.

My request to the Board Of Parole Hearings for advancement of my hearing was granted in consideration of the new materials Jason  submitted to the Board on my behalf. The hearing was advanced by ten months and is now scheduled to take place in mid-February. We have been preparing for this hearing for several years, and most of the prep work has been done; overall we are in good shape to proceed. However, there are still a few pieces that need to be done, such as gathering together some letters of support for my release from close friends and relations who may be inclined to write one. There is a bit of a scramble to get these things together in the weeks left to us before we must commence with the hearing.

A letter of support from you will be most welcome. If you would like to weigh in and express your point of view or your sentiments regarding my release on parole, I invite you to do so.

After so many years and so many parole hearings writing a letter may seem like an exercise in futility, especially with the politics that are unfortunately an influence in my situation. But there really is no telling in advance how these things will go. Parole dates are being granted, some surprising ones at that.  If the Board is leaning at all toward granting me a parole in this hearing a letter of support from you is likely to figure significantly in their consideration.

From experience I can tell you that a letter of support is most likely to be read by the Board if the length of the letter is kept to one page or less. Typewritten or handwritten, either way is fine, whatever your preference. The heading can be To the Board of Parole Hearings, In Support of Robert Beausoleil, or simply To Whom It May Concern. If you choose to write a letter, please address it to:

Support for Robert Beausoleil
c/o Jason T. Campbell, Esq.
Bay Area Lawyers PA
300 Montgomery Street, Ste. 660
San Francisco, CA 94104

Again, from long experience I know that there is no talking anyone into granting me a parole date. Doing the right thing is a choice we all make in the moment, and is not something that can be imposed on a person or entity by another. I am resolved to hold to the center and preserve my integrity whatever the outcome of this hearing may be. Honestly, this is the best I can do, and I will pray for the strength to hold true in this resolve.

I am grateful for your support, in whatever manner you choose
to express it.

In love and peace,


LadyNoel's Gibbie Tribute Blog

Patty stumbled across the following cool site while researching whether or not Gibbie Folger was at the Monterey Pop Festival (she was).  She found a photo there of an article she pulled a few years back of Gibbie's debutante ball and was touched to see that LadyNoel gave Patty a photo credit. That's so nice! Patty has always thought that The Lady is a real class act. Thanks, girl.

Anywhoo, Patty would like to return the favor and plug LadyNoel's blog at where you can see the following cool photos of Abigail, and so much more: