Friday, June 8, 2018

Whatever Happened to the Youngest Polanski?

Of course we all know that Sharon's unborn baby--named Paul Richard Polanski--was removed during the autopsy and subsequently buried with Sharon in her casket.  We all know this because everybody says so. Like this account:
Colonel Paul Tate spent the night before the funeral, beside his daughter’s casket. He had had them open the casket so he could have one last look at Sharon, who lay peacefully in her favourite Pucini dress Roman had picked out, and his grandson who was swaddled and tucked under his mother’s arm. Then he closed the lid and said good-bye.

Yet LtCol Tate(aka PJ), the only non-funeral home person who viewed Sharon in the casket, himself doesn't mention the baby  in his only known statement on the subject:

Restless Souls by Brie Tate
PJ:  "Now my eyes scrutinized, searching for more signs of violence, settling on her noticeably smaller belly.  My jaw tightened over Noguchi's pointless decision to separate child from mother."

--Why didn't he even note the presence of his first and only grandchild, who he is now viewing for the first and last time, in the coffin?  I find that odd.  Maybe because the baby wasn't in the coffin?

Another account had the baby being put in it's own casket:
Roman Polanski insisted that the baby be placed in a separate coffin.

The funeral home--Cunningham and O'Connor--made no statement on the subject.

But that wasn't the only oddity about the least known TLB victim.

--Why did the coroner(Thomas Noguchi) 'separate child from mother?'  All of the stab wounds to Sharon's body were in her neck and upper chest, with none to the belly, and thus could not have wounded the baby.  It would have been no mystery as what killed him (asphyxiation due to the mother's death).

Interestingly, at least one source claims the fetus was autopsied:
published in 2009
McGANN The next day, which was Sunday, we started the autopsies. The L.A. County coroner’s office was in the basement of the old Hall of Justice. It was like a dungeon—an awful place to be, like Frankenstein’s lab. But when you have a homicide, you always go to your autopsies. So I was there as Tom Noguchi did Sharon’s autopsy, then her baby’s.

--Why is there is no mention of her pregnancy in the autopsy report?

If the fetus was removed AS PART OF the autopsy, shouldn't that have been noted on the paperwork?

--What happened to the missing sections of the Coroner's statements to the Grand Jury?  Is there something in there they don't want us to see regarding Sharon's pregnancy or the disposition of the fetus?
Thomas T. Noguchi, the Grand Jury
Q. And did you find any significant condition about this woman with respect to pregnancy?
A. Yes.
Q. What did you find in that connection?
A. The examination revealed that decedent was 8 months in pregnancy stage and the male fetus was found. However, there was no injury to abdominal area nor the unborn baby.
Q. Did it appear that the baby was in a normal state of embryo - rather, fetus state at that time?
***Missing Q and A

--Why was no death certificate issued for Paul Richard Polanski, as was required by law?
Gina Watkins Judd:
"When a fetus is born lifeless at 20 weeks or more gestation period, it is governed under the same laws of any death. It is required that the death be registered with the department of health vital statistics in the state it died in. In the state of California when a person dies as a result of homicide the medical examiner fills out the cause of death section on the death certificate and signs it. He then sends it to the funeral director who has the responsibility of confirming that the person who he has the responsibility of processing the remains for burial, cremation or entombment is in fact the person the medical examiner identified and the cause of death stated (homicide) in this case. He then signs it and he has the responsibility of filing it with the Department of Health BEFORE burial.
I noticed while researching vital records on that there was no records of him being born or dying...."

(Though I can't say for certain if that law was in effect back in '69.)

--What was the reason for the curious delay by the Morgue in releasing the body of Sharon Tate?  Were there any more medical procedures done on the body after the autopsy was completed?

Restless Souls by Brie Tate
Patti Tate:  "The medical examiner, Thomas Noguchi, had completed Sharon's autopsy days ago; nevertheless, late Tuesday afternoon(Aug 12), his office refused to release Sharon's remains to the mortuary.  Dad spent hours speaking with one county coroner employee after another; none had an explanation for the delay.  When reasoning didn't work he resorted to threats, until finally, at 5:00pm, Noguchi signed the release papers."

Perhaps not coincidentally, there were immediate macabre rumors after the murders became known that the baby had been taken from the womb:

Helter Skelter,  by Vince Bugliosi
 In the days that followed a monumental amount of false information was published. It was widely reported, for example, that Sharon Tate’s unborn child had been ripped from her womb; that one or both of her breasts had been slashed off; that several of the victims had been sexually mutilated.

Susan Atkins even admitted she contemplated cutting the baby out of the womb:
Susan Atkins’ Story of 2 Nights of Murder
"I wanted to, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut her open and take the baby."

I can't claim that the baby WASN'T in the coffin, but merely that evidence that he WAS, is very scant.


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    --Ezekial 25:17  (as interpreted by Quentin Tarantino)