Saturday, February 8, 2014

Debra Tate - Live on in your illusion

It may look like Sharon. It may taste like Sharon. It may smell like Sharon, but it’s NOT Sharon. It's just an illusion.

"It’s an illusion, postulated, mocked up through confusion. Confusion, it's an illusion, utter confusion, live on in your illusion."

I’m beginning to think that the entire Tate Legacy is an illusion or more like a bad dream.

As usual, Debra Tate provides some comic relief on the "TateFamilyLegacy" website.

Let’s dissect the ramblings of the insane, shall we?

May 6th, 2008: Sharon Tate’s private clothing collection. Exclusive on Inside Edition. Debra Tate will appear on Inside Edition tonight.

Private clothing? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Exactly how "private" are we getting here?

When Inside Edition spoke to Debra, she opened up a trunk she keeps with mementos of Sharon; a school photograph, a pair of gloves, a maternity dress. This is a rare glimpse at the private life of Sharon Tate.

The only trunks that interest me are the ones that contain "Gold Dubloons" and "Pieces of Eight", but I guess the old saying is true that someone else's garbage is another person’s treasure.

"I really enjoy going through the clothes," says Debra. "It takes me back to a much happier time when she and I would spend time in her closet picking which outfit she was going to wear to which event.

Very touching. You probably also got to wear Sharon's "Hand me Downs", but the only problem was that you weren't "Hot" like Sharon so the clothes didn't do anything for you except to remind you of what you aren't and what you will "NEVER" be.

They’re precious moments. That is why I don't open it often. I can still smell her scent."

I’m not sure that I want to examine this one too closely so I'll just take your word for it. Just make sure that the models, who are shown in the photographs wearing these garments, don’t make the scent fade. This is sick. I can’t believe what I'm reading.

Last night Debra worked on a photo shoot for an exhibit in L.A. this summer that will feature Sharon Tate's wardrobe.

Far Out. If she puts one of the dresses up for sale on eBay, I'll buy one so that I can use it to light the sacrificial flames that will consume the two sacrificial photographs that are scheduled for incineration on the morning of August 9, 2008.

I wonder if Debra Tate has any of Patti Tate-Ford's clothes tucked away in a trunk and values those as much as she values Sharon's clothes? Or is it only Sharon's scent that brings out the sentimental feelings in Debra?

Personally, I think that Patti Tate was the prettiest of the three Tate women.

Sure, one can say that Sharon was the "Glamor Girl", but Patti had that "Girl Next Door" look; sweet, innocent, a soft sexy voice and a dynamite looking body that could rival Sharon herself.

As for Debra, I call her a "Go Ugly Early" girl. The guys on the YouTube board will know what I mean

It's hard to believe that Debra Tate came from the same gene pool as Sharon and Patti. It makes me wonder what Col Paul Tate was drinking on that night of conception.

Explain to me how you can get 2 Super Sexy Blondes and 1 Ugly Redhead from the same womb? I guess it’s like mixing yourself a drink. It all depends on what you mix together in the glass.

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