Saturday, February 8, 2014

Debra Tate - Live on in your illusion

It may look like Sharon. It may taste like Sharon. It may smell like Sharon, but it’s NOT Sharon. It's just an illusion.

"It’s an illusion, postulated, mocked up through confusion. Confusion, it's an illusion, utter confusion, live on in your illusion."

I’m beginning to think that the entire Tate Legacy is an illusion or more like a bad dream.

As usual, Debra Tate provides some comic relief on the "TateFamilyLegacy" website.

Let’s dissect the ramblings of the insane, shall we?

May 6th, 2008: Sharon Tate’s private clothing collection. Exclusive on Inside Edition. Debra Tate will appear on Inside Edition tonight.

Private clothing? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Exactly how "private" are we getting here?

When Inside Edition spoke to Debra, she opened up a trunk she keeps with mementos of Sharon; a school photograph, a pair of gloves, a maternity dress. This is a rare glimpse at the private life of Sharon Tate.

The only trunks that interest me are the ones that contain "Gold Dubloons" and "Pieces of Eight", but I guess the old saying is true that someone else's garbage is another person’s treasure.

"I really enjoy going through the clothes," says Debra. "It takes me back to a much happier time when she and I would spend time in her closet picking which outfit she was going to wear to which event.

Very touching. You probably also got to wear Sharon's "Hand me Downs", but the only problem was that you weren't "Hot" like Sharon so the clothes didn't do anything for you except to remind you of what you aren't and what you will "NEVER" be.

They’re precious moments. That is why I don't open it often. I can still smell her scent."

I’m not sure that I want to examine this one too closely so I'll just take your word for it. Just make sure that the models, who are shown in the photographs wearing these garments, don’t make the scent fade. This is sick. I can’t believe what I'm reading.

Last night Debra worked on a photo shoot for an exhibit in L.A. this summer that will feature Sharon Tate's wardrobe.

Far Out. If she puts one of the dresses up for sale on eBay, I'll buy one so that I can use it to light the sacrificial flames that will consume the two sacrificial photographs that are scheduled for incineration on the morning of August 9, 2008.

I wonder if Debra Tate has any of Patti Tate-Ford's clothes tucked away in a trunk and values those as much as she values Sharon's clothes? Or is it only Sharon's scent that brings out the sentimental feelings in Debra?

Personally, I think that Patti Tate was the prettiest of the three Tate women.

Sure, one can say that Sharon was the "Glamor Girl", but Patti had that "Girl Next Door" look; sweet, innocent, a soft sexy voice and a dynamite looking body that could rival Sharon herself.

As for Debra, I call her a "Go Ugly Early" girl. The guys on the YouTube board will know what I mean

It's hard to believe that Debra Tate came from the same gene pool as Sharon and Patti. It makes me wonder what Col Paul Tate was drinking on that night of conception.

Explain to me how you can get 2 Super Sexy Blondes and 1 Ugly Redhead from the same womb? I guess it’s like mixing yourself a drink. It all depends on what you mix together in the glass.

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beauders said...

I don't understand why we always have to bring up Debra's appearance. This blog quote is cruel and unnecessary. What is about Debra that brings out so much hate?

AustinAnn74 said...

I wouldn't exactly describe anyone in the Tate family as being "ugly." Who wrote this, Matt?

Matt said...

Don't know, AA. She only goes by her first name, Shelly.

Patty is Dead said...

OMG for a minute Patty thought Matt wrote it and she was going to have a freaking cow!

For the record, Deb was a very beautiful girl. So was Dede. So was Samantha Geimer. So was Patty. Not so much any more, but that's life.

CarolMR said...

Ugly redhead? Why do redheads get all the nasty comments? All three of the Tate girls were beautiful but, personally, I think Debra, in her much younger years (teens and early 20s) was prettier than her two sisters.

CarolMR said...

Ugly redhead? Why do redheads get all the nasty comments? All three of the Tate girls were beautiful but, personally, I think Debra, in her much younger years (teens and early 20s) was prettier than her two sisters.

Patty is Dead said...

More photos of the event in question, here:

Unknown said...

Beauders wrote: I don't understand why we always have to bring up Debra's appearance. This blog quote is cruel and unnecessary. What is about Debra that brings out so much hate?

Beauders, I've often wondered this myself and after contemplating it again this morning I think it must really boil down to the inner soul.

When I see a not necessarily attractive person on the outside but a beautiful person on the inside, I personally don't ever think of them as ugly, and often think of them as beautiful in their own way because their soul shines with goodness. On the other hand, when I see someone that is truly beautiful on the outside, but rather ugly on the inside, I see them as ugly because their soul is cloudy and gray.

In other words, some see past the proverbial Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

IMHO Debra Tate has done some really nasty things over the years and she is a pathological liar who gets a free pass just because she's a surviving relative of an amazing family. The list is long and hardly worth regurgitating here again, but something must have sparked Paul Tate, a loving father that seemingly always put family first, to disinherit his last surviving daughter from his will.

What was it that caused him to slap Debra in the face from the grave? I can only surmise that it wasn't one instance, but rather a lifetime of crap that he suffered from Debra. And as he prepared his will, he thought, you know what, let me teach you a lesson when I'm gone: For the lifetime of negativity that you caused me and your family, this is your just reward.

Patty is Dead said...

This seems relevant:

"In case you require proof that the Internet is a hostile place for women, look no further than Lindsay Bottos' Tumblr.

The 21-year-old artist and student, tired of the vitriolic anonymous comments she received about her looks, artwork and personal life, decided to do something about it.

Bottos is working on a series of images combining the harsh comments posted on her blog with self-portraits. The first set of images, published on her Tumblr on Jan. 26, has already been reblogged over 98,000 times."

The result is stunning. Have a looksee, won't you?

Matt said...

Patty, why then would Debra do this to her niece?

Patty is Dead said...

Matt, the joy of the internet is that it could be anyone doing that. Patty is tired of trying to figure it out, and it doesnt really matter because he haters are kinda the same consciousness anyway.

beauders said...

Colonel Tate seems to have been a very hard man to please and I'm sure Debra was his hardest daughter to raise, but we don't know why it was that he left her out of his will. It's really none of our business, but I'm curious as well. This though does not explain all the shitty things people say about her appearance, so what she's not a carbon copy of Sharon or Patty, that does not make her ugly.

Unknown said...

Why not just leave the Debra bashing to col. scott?

Matt said...

matt prokes said...
Why not just leave the Debra bashing to col. scott?

Matt, I am not sympathetic to DT. That much is obvious. The reasons are numerous. They are the same reasons that PJ Tate disowned and disinherited her. I hope to have someone interviewed soon who can give a firsthand account.

Unknown said...

Do these reasons have anything to do with the murders or why they happened?
Its a free country, lord knows we all have people we dislike and you're not alone in your feelings about d.t.but sometimes it just feels meanspirited and pointless.
And I want to be clear I'm not singling out this blog...It happens on ALL the blogs.

fiona1933 said...

Yeah, agree with Beauders. This is horrid. No need to rank on her for what she looks like. Anyway, she was a stunning beauty once.

Vera Dreiser said...

Fiona, Beauders and especially Matt Prokes: thank god someone stood up to Matt's horrifying bullying. The silence and/or complicity of the others on this site in his misogyny and malice reminds me of the Germans who one looked the other way. It may be an extreme analogy but it is no less apt.

Matt said...

Misogyny, Vera? Misogyny is hatred of women. Perhaps you could accuse me of Debogyny, but that would be inaccurate too. I don't hate Debra Tate. I don't even dislike her. I merely understand why she was disowned and disinherited by her father.

What I don't understand is how she can call herself a victims advocate but give Roman Polanski a pass on raping a young teen. Maybe you can explain that.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Vera, pull your head out of Debra's ass and get a little enlightenment because Matt was not the author of the blog piece, therefore can not be considered the horrifying bullier. He simply re-posted someone else's opinion for discussion and opinion, which is what people gave here. And, at no time did Matt attack anyone here for their positive thoughts on Debra, no more than anyone should attack Matt for his personal opinion. Matt can't be blamed for another person's words. And, let's remember, that Debra Tate herself is a bullier in her own right on her very own site - what comes around, goes around, reap what you sow, karma, or whatever you want to call it.

Unknown said...

Matt said... Perhaps you could accuse me of Debogyny.
Now thats pretty funny!

Unknown said...

But really why does anyone NEED to know why her father disinherited her?
Seems to me that thats the Tate families personal business and has nothing to do with the murders or the reasons behind them.
It just feels to me like she gets beat up on for no real reason at all on these blogs.

Vera Dreiser said...

"Vera, pull your head out of Debra's ass..."

That's so rich coming from you, Cindy Lee, since your seductively coiffed tresses are so far up Matt's ass they've busted out of his mouth and are tangled up in the Col's stinky sphincter.
How's that for fuckin' bullying? And yeah, Vera's had a couple a cocktails.
And Matt, while I've always thought Debra's defense of her BROTHER-IN-LAW -- yes, her sister's husband and the father of her unborn nephew -- biased her and was a case of bad judgment I think it hardly deserves the kind of vitriol you and your lynch mob of nasty harridans and cuckolded "men" direct towards her, a woman whose trauma you'll NEVER, EVER have even a remote understanding of. I'd like to see how you, Cindy Lee and the rest of your Debra-hating friends would've fared if you suffered the same unspeakable tragedy -- that you so enjoy exploiting on these pages -- she did.
And no, I'm not that woman you always say I am, as if, if I were, that would make my sentiments any less relevant. And if she thinks that way, god fucking bless her.

Matt said...

Vera, congratulations. You just made me laugh harder than I have in weeks. Honestly. I think I like you much better with a buzz on. LOL. For a minute I thought you were going to call me a mugwort. I'll never delete you after cocktails, I promise!

But if I understand you correctly, since DT & RP were once in-laws, Debra can defend Roman for raping a 13 year old girl but still call herself a victims advocate (which she isn't)?

Suze said...

Isn't there already a blog for nocturnal ranting drunks?

Patty is Dead said...

Hey Vera! Whassup? Got any new recipes? Beauty tricks? Movie recommendations? No, you just want to bitch? Well, god fucking bless you too, Vera. You never change. Hey Vera! Fuck you!

Vera Dreiser said...

Yeah, Vera ain't no lapdog Patty, unlike you're sweet, pernicious self. The one who -- correct me if I'm wrong, maybe it was Liz -- made that fun photo of herself as Abigail Folger's corpse.

Patty is Dead said...

For the billionth timE, its not Abigail on the floor, Vera. Goddamn you are a one track record. FUCK OFF now. Please.

Unknown said...

Dearest Robin Olson, oops, I mean Vera, I'm not sure whether to love the fact that you fantasize about me with "seductively coiffed tresses" or to find it creepy.

Last night as you sat alone at your computer, plying your mind with liquor, and spending valuable brain cells (and from your ALL CAPS notations, SCREAMING these thoughts in your mind) as you proudly figured out your next genius post here - while apparently solo-sexing your way through the Cindy/Matt/Col three-way-- I took that same time to go out to dinner with friends, have some incredible food, wine, and worth-while, meaningful conversations. After dinner, in my over-served state, I piled into an Uber car with friends to travel to my house where we all sat around the fire drinking more wine, watching the snow, and laughing until just before the sun rose.

In all those hours, not once did a thought pass through my mind about you, this blog, or Debra Tate. Not once did it occur to me to get on the computer, with my panties in a bunch, to check the blog to see if anyone responded to my previous, half-witted comment.

As I sit here this afternoon paying dearly for that extremely fun night, I feel very sorry for you that you pathetically spent one of your precious weekend nights away from work drinking alone and writing your blog post obsessively defending Debra Tate.

While I'm sure we all feel sympathy for Debra Tate surviving the murder of her sister, it does not give her a free pass to be a pathological liar, who among numerous other lies, now emulates her mother and Patricia's hard work in victims' rights as her own on her website and therefore, re-writing history to glorify herself in the same breath as she jumps on her mother and sister's coat-tails.

Unknown said...

As for Debra Tate's defense of Roman Polanski, I for one would have been fine with her lying, oops, I mean testifying, at Polanski's Vanity Fair trial, to say what a wonderful husband he was to Sharon based on him being her ex-brother-in-law, which, for the record, is a confirmed lie from a majority of Sharon's friends and even her own mother in interviews. But, she couldn't stop there she had to go on TV as a media whore defending his violent attack on a child with : "There's rape and then there's rape. It was determined that Roman did not forcibly have sex with this young woman. It was a consensual matter. I am a victims' advocate and I know the difference." Wtf? Doris Tate, a board member of Believe the Children, just vommed in her mouth a little up in heaven. There are a number of lies in just her one sentence there, but I defy you to come up with a court document that shows "it was determined" he was innocent of the charges.

And, as long as we're on the subject of Debra Tate being a victims' advocate, I will ask you, a true fan of hers, what exactly has she done to qualify her as such? I will again ask the questions from a previous post and humbly acknowledge my ignorance on this blog if you can prove that she's done any of the following:

Has Debra ever attended the victims' rights march at the capital like Patricia and Doris did?
Has she ever testified at congress? And if so, can you please site the instance.
Has she ever worked for an advocacy group? I know she associated herself with the now defunct Doris Tate Crime Victims' Bureau, but was she ever a board member, speaker, or fundraiser for them?
Has she ever "counseled" a victim beyond the Manson Family case? And, if so, please name advocacy group.

Vera, I'm literally begging you to prove me wrong so that we can put this all to rest and collectively celebrate Debra Tate, victims' advocate extraordinaire. But, I fear you will find it as difficult to prove as you will proving that Debra Tate had a "career" as a Hollywood makeup artist because, one film credit does not qualify as a career. That's like saying your a full head of hair when you're really only a single strand. It covers your ass for any court related matters, but it doesn't make it true.

Patty is Dead said...

Pernicious! Patty had to look that one up.

Matt said...

Yes, for the last time that WASN'T Abigail Folger's outline. It was just a random body chalk line that Michael drew on the floor of the storage garage he uses as his museum.

Anyone who thinks that is AF's outline is either so ignorant of the crime scene that they can't tell the difference or they too STUPID to know!

Sun King said...

I love the smell of napalm in the morning ;-)

Matt said...

How come all you guys sit on your helmets?

So we don't get our balls blown off.

AustinAnn74 said...

Matt, the photo we were discussing......please post......posthaste! hahah...

CarolMR said...

Sharon was very close to her sister Debra. I just wonder how Sharon would feel knowing that so many people tear Debra apart whenever they get the chance, especially over how she looks now. (And I'm not referring to just this site.) And I agree, Fiona - Debra was once a stunning beauty in her younger years.

Unknown said...

Carol, how is it that you know for a fact that Sharon was close to Debra Tate? Simply because Debra Tate says so?

I have to look at their lives and wonder (and please don't mistake the word "close" with "love", because I think we can all agree that Sharon loved her sisters. But close with either of them?

In 1962 Debra Tate was about 10 years old to Sharon's 16-17 years. That same year, Sharon takes off from their home in Italy for the states, then returns to Italy for a period of time until the family moved back home.

In 1963, Debra Tate is 11 years old to Sharon's 18-19 years with the family spending half their time in LA half in San Francisco while Sharon gets an apartment on Clark street.

Between 1963 and 1969, the family was mostly in San Francisco while Sharon was in LA and then, for the most part, from 1965-1969 Sharon spent at least half her of time in Europe

In my mind, that doesn't leave a lot of "close" time between the 10-year-spread on the sisters.

Again, if Debra Tate simply claimed that her sister Sharon loved her very much as only an older sister of 10 years would, I'd have nothing to say. Instead, she has to make up stories about how they were best buddies. And, for me, it's the self-serving lies (one after another after another) that make me grit my teeth when I see or hear her. Comments like how she was the "Lady of the House" at Cielo while Sharon was away, or how she met with Manson in lock up during the trial and grind, grind go my teeth.

At least Patricia Tate had the good grace to say something like " I loved my sister very much but she was gone a lot of time and I wish I had all those lost years back". No lies to make up; just the truth of the matter that Sharon was some 15 years older than her, traveling a lot, therefore she missed some crucial bonding time.

CarolMR said...

Leslie, I am old enough to have been a Sharon Tate fan before she was murdered. I read every newspaper and magazine article I could find after the murders. I remember reading many times that Sharon and Debra were close despite their age difference. Maybe they weren't. I only know what I have read. And this was years and years before Debra was ever interviewed. Even if they weren't close, Sharon loved Debra and Patti and I think she would be hurt by all the criticism being thrown Debra's way. JMO.

Patty is Dead said...

"For the record, Deb was a very beautiful girl. So was Dede. So was Samantha Geimer. So was Patty. Not so much any more, but that's life."

Here's the proof, Patty looks like Scarlett or Amber or somebody, no? She was 17. Today Patty has lumps, bumps, wrinkles and scars. The people who love her though, still see her this way. Patty hopes that Deb Tate still has people in her life that think she is beautiful.

Suze said...

bobby said...
Ranting nocturnal drunks can only post on one blog ? oh man that sucks.


Well bobby, it tends to keep the puke in one place. LOL.

Suze said...

Thanks for being a sport, bobby. It was a joke, but I'll try harder, I promise :)