Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A young boy who hung around with Straight Satans M/C in Carson, CA

We recently heard from "RW", who as a young boy hung around the farmhouse in Carson, CA that was rented by members of the Straight Satans MC Club SFV and was visited by Manson. Here are some memories he has shared with us:
I don't know much about Manson from back then. Only seen him at the house a couple times. I didn't know who he was just heard people calling him Charlie. But when he was around I was sent home the same when the Pres of the M/C was around.

The house was on the corner of Carson and Martin St. in Carson, surrounded by farm fields. I lived about 3 blocks away on Martin St. I started stopping by there on the way home from school and looking at the bikes. Skip and Anita took a liking to me and let me hang around doing little chores like cleaning bikes and bike parts, and taking some bikes apart the best I could (hot bikes).

Hung around there about 3 yrs. Until one day I went to the farm house and Skip and Carl had cut their hair and shaved their beards. They were in tennis shoes and t-shirts. Skip gave me his Mexican wool vest (I still have it). Skip, Anita and Carl got on their bikes and headed back to Oklahoma. They looked like college kids riding off on their choppers. The farm house was empty overnight. Skip, Anita, Carl, Guss and Zipper were the ones who lived at the farm for several yrs.
RW will be checking this post, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.