Monday, September 19, 2011

Tom Harrigan and William Doyle

After being asked to leave

1459 North Kings Road
(you asked Matt)

After being asked to leave Mama Cass's house, this is where Harrigan and Doyle moved to. Pic Dawson was also living here with Harrigan and Doyle.


"Terrance Cooksley, an 18 year-old houseboy at the Kings Rd. address remained high for at least the month of February on cocaine supplied bt Harrigan and Doyle. Sometime in March, he stole the $6,000 that Doyle and Harrigan had made. He frequented miscellaneous discotheques in the Los Angeles area and spent the money freely or gave it away in the form of large tips to various waiters. Doyle and Harrigan followed him to Stockton, California where they knocked him around and threatend him. They told him to keep his mouth shut and left Cooksley then returned to Los Angeles, and in mid March, Doyle and Harrigan took Cooksley, bodily, from the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. they rode around in the Hollywood hills, with Harrigan driving. Doyle was in the back seat beating Cooksley with a hammer handle. Harrigan stated it appeared that Cooksley liked the beating and, therefore, they stopped. A crime report was taken, however, Cooksley gave misleading statements and information and there was no prosecution. He did describe Harrigan and Doyle to his father as a vicious persons and probably hired killers."

"Doyle and Harrigan became quite friendly with Frykowski and Folger. This was mainly due to the fact that Frykowski was interested in the known drugs on the market, in addition to future synthetic drugs that were being made in eastern Canada. Doyle and Harrigan told Frykowski that they would obtain the new synthetic drug, MDA, from Canada and allow him to be one of the first to try it. This conversation or agreement apparently took place sometime in the early part of July, 1969, at the Polanski home."

"William Doyle, Tom Harrigan, Pic Dawson, John Deturo, Charles Tacot, Ben Carruthers, Cass Elliot, Witold Kaczanowski, along with several other narcotics users, were frequent visitors and party goers at the Polanski residence."