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Rosemary LaBianca's estate

ColScott said...
As a serious researcher can someone please tell me where this $2million dollar Rosemary estate estimate comes from? Thank you. ( and Helter Skelter is not a resource)

ColScott raises a very good question. This is something I've never questioned, I thought it was unchallenged fact.


*image from

1600 Summitridge Dr.

This is where Sharon and Roman lived just prior to Cielo. It's just a few blocks up the road from the Barrymore Mansion. In fact, you drive past the mansion to get there.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beach Boys Never Learn Not To Love - 1968

The Beach Boys singing "Cease To Exist".  I wonder if anyone in the Family has ever seen this.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Inmates Clothing

"Lizzy Skelter" asks-

I was just curious as to if anyone knows what happens to an inmates clothing after they are arrested.  For example Charles Manson was arrested in that brown buck skin suit, is that kept in his "belongings" waiting for him for his release that will never happen? Was he allowed back then to give or receive clothing from his girls? If by any chance it is kept in storage for him by the police? What happens to it or any inmates belongings after they die?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Joel Rostau's Apartment

840 North Larabee St 

Karlene Ann McCaffrey, receptionist for Sebring, Inc. told authorities that Rostau had delivered narcotics to the Tate residence on the night of the homicide. Rostau informed McCaffrey that he had delivered cocaine and mescaline to the house but that Frykowski and Sebring wanted some additional narcotics and that he had gone back down the hill but was unable to locate the other narcotics they requested and therefore he did not return to the Tate residence. McCaffrey stated that on August 7, 1969, she had talked to Sebring and he had informed her that he had been burnt on $2,000 worth of bad cocaine. McCaffrey stated that in her opinion Sebring would do almost anything to get back at the person who had burnt him.

Rostau was later charged with interstate theft of securities from the mail at Kennedy Airport. He was found shot to death in a parked car at that airport. The car had been rented in Boston and driven to New York at least 12 days before his body was found.

* The description above was gleaned from and

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Western Surplus Location Today (The Hawthorne Shootout)

The front has had a facelift and new concrete was poured in the back, but everything else is the same. If you Google Map the place, you see the grading being done for the new concrete next door. Others say the back was built after the fact. That is untrue.

The images are in sequence with the police report here. The 6th picture of the old white building is next door and where they hid in the corner.

The address is 13355 Hawthorne Boulevard, Hawthorne and the side street is 134th. Image #4 of the alley with the block wall and home is described in the police report. It says this "Officer McInernv at this time took cover behind a 3' block wall of the residence at 4429 "A" W. 134 St. and fired six shots from his service revolver into the direct front of the van" I read in one of the reports that when the officer ran out of bullets, the home owner came out and gave him a .38 to use.

 Western Surplus is still in business elsewhere on Hawthorne Blvd. in Hawthorne.

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Winifred Chapman's Apartment

1163 E. 46th St. LA

Friday, August 24, 2012

Miss Hathaway being transferred. Will this change chances for a meaningfull Barker Ranch dig?

National Park Service names Sarah Craighead as new Mammoth Cave superintendent.
Posted on August 22, 2012 by James Bruggers  

Mammoth Cave National Park has a new boss.

Superintendent Sarah Craighead comes from Death Valley National Park, where the temperatures commonly exceed 120 degrees, to one that’s all about the world’s longest cave system, where the mercury is typically about 55 degrees.

Many would see that as a step in the right direction.

For Craighead, it’s a step back home. She was valedictorian of Caverna High School in nearby Cave City in 1974.

The National Park Service, in a press release today, said that just as many college students do, Craighead took seasonal employment at Mammoth Cave National Park while attending Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky., where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in biology in 1978.

“I worked several summers at Mammoth Cave, as a campground ranger and a cave guide,” said Craighead.  “My very first job was selling crafts at the Mammoth Cave Hotel.  The cave was my jumping off point with the National Park Service.  Now, more than thirty years later, I have the honor of managing the park.  I look forward to reconnecting with park staff, retirees, and the surrounding communities.”

Prior to Death Valley, Craighead served as the superintendent of Saguaro National Park, just outside of Tucson, Ariz.  She was the first superintendent of Washita Battlefield National Historic Site in Cheyenne, Okla., from 1997-2002.

Original story HERE

Photo Credit: National Park Service

Where's "The Manson Girls?"

She's never gonna finish this thing, is she? The following article from March 16 is the most information I could find on the topic and some of it is quite laughable. From :

"It's safe to say that if you haven’t yet heard the story telling of director Susanna Lo the chances are pretty good that before the year is over that will all change.

All of the elements for the film are already in place: the cast, the crew and locations. Filming of the movie’s trailer has already been shot and main shooting for Manson Girls will begin once additional funding is complete.

gJg: What’s the current status of the movie? I was reading articles that said you have been filming for a year or so.

SL: Actually, we started filming some scenes right before the holidays and then we took a bit of a break to go to Berlin and raise some more funds. It looks like there are quite a few people who are interested in providing the rest of the funding for it.

gJg: That’s a good situation to be in.

SL: Yes, fortunately we’re in the position of being in the middle of some what of a bidding war so it gives us some choice. It’s the ideal situation because we’ve wanted a large theatrical release from the get go. We don’t want it to end up in just ten theaters or anything like that.
gJg: I believe there’s also a contest for musicians to have their own original song added to the official “Manson Girls” soundtrack. What made you decide on a contest?:

SL: Well, we recently held an auction where the winning bidder received a walk on role in the movie. The response to it was incredible. So much so that towards the end it actually turned into a bidding war and even the people who wound up coming in second and third contacted the people who ran the contest for us and offered to pay more. <laughs>
That was so successful that we decided to also open the doors for the music soundtrack as well. It’s exciting.

gJg: How can people get involved in the contest?:

SL: We’ve set up a website with all the details:

gJg: Is there a release date for “Manson Girls“?

SL: We’re aiming for October 2012 release. The film festivals like Toronto are definitely interested in having us so we’ll be pushing some of those deadlines which come up in the August/September time frame.

If you are curious enough to link to the song contest, you will notice that the URL is now for sale. Some bidding war! Oh well, I'm just bitter because Susanna promised to send Liz a free T-shirt and then never did TWICE.

Also, check out the IMDB entry at which was lst update in November and is now saying that Ron Jeremy has signed on to play a "porn director." LMFAO! Seriously, I hope the movie does get made so we can all have a good laugh. We could use it, no?

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Barbara Hoyt

I was taught the "If you don't have anything nice to say" by my Momma so this time - you all choose the caption.  I will say that she looks like she lost a ton of weight. Or is the kilt shes wearing slimming?   I bet it was to look good at Bruce's hearing. A little bird told me that was why Bruce called out sick.  He chose to pass on sitting with Debra and Barbara when he found out they were there. What does everyone think about Barbara telling she heard poor Shorty's screams, but  the time she claims she heard them were completely wrong with the killers time line. Did Barbara lie? Or as The Colonel says, does she just want attention? Or did the killers lie? Maybe that burger caused some damage to the memory part of her brain? Do you think she still eats burgers? And if so, does she look under the bun now? Maybe the site of a hamburger cause her flash backs?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gateway Market and Rosemary's Boutique

Gateway Market as it looks today.

Rosemary's boutique today. This is next door to Gateway Market.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mary & Kenneth Como

Austin Ann sent me this pic and asked- Who is the dude in the picture with buck naked Mary Brunner?

Eviliz asks- Is she breast feeding him?

This picture may have originated at the Helter Skelter Forum. Credit where credit is due. I assumed this was one of Robert Hendrickson's pictures but when I showed it to him he said no.

Anybody know the date of this picture and is it from a film?

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Cielo Drive Photos

Sharon and Voytek

Both photos of Roman are post murders

                                               Sharon in the pool at Cielo

I love this shot

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This Day in Manson History

On this day in 1933, Roman Polanski, the director of such films as Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown and The Pianist, is born Rajmund Roman Liebling in Paris, France. As a movie director, Polanski has received numerous honors, including an Academy Award; his personal life, however, has been marked by tragedy and controversy.

Polanski grew up in Poland during World War II, when both his Jewish parents were sent to concentration camps. His mother died at Auschwitz. As a young man, Polanski studied film in Poland; he made his feature-film directorial debut in 1962 with Knife in the Water, a psychological thriller that received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. Polanski then made a series of films in England, including The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967), which featured Sharon Tate, an American actress who became his wife in January 1968. Polanski's first Hollywood film, Rosemary's Baby, was released that same year. The horror film, which starred Mia Farrow as a woman impregnated by the devil, was a box-office hit and earned Polanski an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

On August 9, 1969, while Polanski was out of the country, Tate (then eight months pregnant with the couple's first child) was found murdered at the couple's Los Angeles home, along with four other people. Members of an infamous cult led by Charles Manson were later convicted of the brutal crime. Reportedly devastated by the tragedy, Polanski continued to work steadily in Europe and Hollywood during the 1970s, directing such films as Macbeth (1971), What? (1972) and Chinatown (1974), starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. Chinatown, a dark story about land and water rights in Southern California in the early 20th century, was nominated for 11 Oscars and won for Best Original Screenplay.

In 1977, Polanski became embroiled in controversy when he pled guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. In February 1978, Polanski fled the United States before he could be sentenced. Thereafter, he continued to make films in France and Poland, where he couldn't be extradited to America. His 2002 movie The Pianist, starring Adrien Brody as a Polish-Jewish musician during World War II, earned Polanski an Oscar for Best Director. Fearing he'd be arrested if he returned to the United States, Polanski did not attend the awards ceremony.

Saladin Nader's Apartment

In going through old email looking for gems we may have missed, I found the pics from Saladin Nader's Venice apartment building. The old post was lost, but luckily the photos weren't. I'll keep looking for more and post as I find them.

Nader's apt 5th floor corner window just left of "Venice"

Door they entered is left of the guy on stilts. 

Other side of door they entered

Looking up the stairs they climbed

 The landing where the others hid

Room 403

Looking back at room 403 and where they hid

The landing where sadie dumped

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Tex's Dog Artwork

 Reader "Trilby" Writes:

Check out Tex's website. The "art" section *rolls eyes*. Out of, what, five drawings of dogs and how many possible breeds, he's drawn a teacup yorkie (Prudence, Cielo), dalmation PUPPIES (Tom, Cielo), and a black lab (Shadow, Waverly). What are the chances?! That's a sick sociopathic s.o.b. I'd love to torture him until he tells what really happened...

Gotta admit, she has a point...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charles Manson Truth Project 2012 - Interview with Star

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Short Story by Farf

Hi Eviliz,

I call this: ‘The Juanita Story’ or ‘How the Wildebush Picked a Berry’

The number of variations to Manson Family tales appears to be directly proportional to the number of stories at any given time.  This assumes that one can pick a subject obscure enough to avoid any of the typically associated wrath and venom when the scripture dare be questioned.

So enter an obscure member known generally as Juanita who picked up one, three or four hitch-hikers around San Jose, California.  Traditional wisdom would not normally have a single woman picking up several men on a roadside but I’ve been told this was common practice.  I don’t have a similar recollection, but that answer appears to make people happy so I’ll go along with it.

Apparently Juanita was on some type of road trip in her year old van.  She picks up some family members which have included Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, TJ Walleman or just Paul Watkins if you choose to believe his version of the story.  I like more characters, so I’m going with a butt load of people in the van instead of one.  Even though Paul’s reluctant manwhoring himself to Juanita in order to pay the tax lien, and save the ranch is pretty salacious and funny.  I say that because by Paul’s own telling he felt worse about being with Juanita than performing public fellatio on Charlie.

Another article titled ‘The Dichotomy of Evil’ has Juanita Wildebush telling her story where she was travelling around the environs of San Jose on her way to Mexico to meet her fiancĂ©.  That’s so sweet.  And while traveling south picks up Susan Atkins, TJ Walleman and Tex Watson with Little Paul being left out all together.  That’s kinda sad.  I actually took Tex Watson from Ed Sander’s version which had four hitch hikers including Clem and Ella.  Once again, no Paul.  So there is a mix and count of people to match everyone’s taste and tale.  That’s kinda nice too, inaccurate as hell, but nice.

Anyway, Juanita says she arrives with three hitchers at night and everyone got all Munchkinlandish and started chanting ‘Let’s get Charlie, Let’s wake up Charlie!’ Then Charlie appears, nude as he apparently experienced some coitus interruptus with Gypsy.  Then all the Munchkins began to say ‘Look what we found, look what we found!’

Weeee rep-re-sent; the Manson Family, the Manson Family, the Manson Family.

Weeee represent; the Manson Famleeeeeee, we’d like to welcome you to Man-son land.

Then everyone began to hug and bond and have ever so much fun.

Then according to Juanita, Charlie asked her if he could spend the night with her in the van and she said –NO!  So it looks like Charlie was rejected and sent Little Paul to take one for the team.  But Juanita was just about to leave and go meet her fiancĂ© then someone brought her breakfast and said Spahn’s was a nice place.  Thus causing Juanita to alter her plans, ever so slightly, where instead of continuing on to Mexico, she dropped acid and had group sex with Charlie.
I really can’t imagine what these people are deflecting or minimizing with their various re-telling of this story.  I’m not some floozy who just showed up and bedded Charlie the first night I arrived,
it was the next day, and with three other strangers, one of whom was a woman; OK?
Then again, I suppose it is this very eccentric logic which compels one to do any of this stuff in the first place.

Juanita goes on to explain that when she saw Charlie playing with some kittens, that she felt it was the right time to sign over all her money.  Then there was a real bad night where everyone was on bad acid and mescaline trips where she vaguely recalls Paul Watkins hitting her (Donkey Punch anyone?) and how Charlie was lamenting how all the love was gone as he was getting his shoes.  After reading that, I hardly needed to be told this occurred during a bad acid trip. Juanita does manage to align with Paul’s story by saying that her money was used to pay back taxes on the ranch.  If this is true, it makes Spahn’s desired to evict them in less than a year, a bit of a non sequitur.  Oh well, back to the Wildbush.

So Juanita continues to buttress her judgment skills by describing Tex Watson as the most gentle, kind, sweet, cherub she had ever known.  She said she was surprised that sweet, loving Tex was involved in the murders.  Ummm (insert long, incredulous pause), yeah Juanita, he was involved and was among the most vicious, unrepentant, merciless and savage of the group, so good call again there Diogenes.

Next Juanita is heading for the desert where she will spend the rest of her Family association at Barker Ranch.  She is ultimately left behind with Poston to watch the place.  Now, I’ve only ventured as far as Ballarat in my life and can say with 100% certainty, that is as far into a god forsaken, washboard road filled, slice of heaven that I will ever explore.  What exactly needed to be taken care of at Barker’s Ranch is beyond me.  But she claims to have stayed there which is anachronistic to her claim of having heard about Helter Skelter and the Beatles at the time because the album wasn’t released till a month after her arrival and there wasn’t any electricity to run a phonograph.  It was as primitive as can be.

Now Juanita is all alone with Brooks and presumably some blotter acid, since there wasn’t any ‘cable’ in Death Valley.  So they while away the days being one with nature (code for: Juanita balled Brooks like a Raggedy Andy till there was nothing left but a dried lifeless husk) when a couple of prospectors arrived.  A couple men searching for gold named Crockett and Berry.  Juanita seemed intrigued by Berry who liked to explore dark holes in the middle of the desert.
But it was Crockett who broke the spell that Charlie had over them and finally in June of 1969, Juanita Wildbush grabbed Berry, the prospector and beat feet out of Death Valley.  

There you have it.  The terrible, strange and elastic saga of Juanita Wildebush and the hitch hiker(s) she gave a ride to Spahn’s where she signed over $10,000 to $16,000 worth of trust funds.  Oh well, I did some simple linear math about how this story should evolve by the year 2525, if woman can survive.  Assuming linear growth, the number of hitch hikers should be 57, with the trust fund swelling to $524,288,000.  Righteous bucks.

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Three Years Ago Today

August 14, 2009.  "She will be on supervised release for two years, where general conditions include reporting regularly to a parole officer, no associations with criminals or owning guns or leaving the area." said Tom Hutchison a U.S. Parole Commission spokeman.


President Ford and First Lady Betty Ford and sons Jack and Steve watch television news coverage on the attempt on the President's life.

pic from-

Eviliz wonders-Where is Lynn? Still in NY with her man? Why has she been keeping herself on the down low? Has she been to Walmart since? Does she FaceBook with Sandy? Do you think she is still loyal to Charlie at age 64? I don't.

September 2010

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Sharon Tate for sale

By DAVID MOORE - The Arab Tribune November 17, 2010
Sharon Tate, starting as a young girl would write letters to her Grandmother, "Nannie."

"The family archivist, Nannie kept all sorts of memorabilia including numerous letters from Sharon and clippings and magazines she later sent about her rising screen career."

"It was something Nannie wanted to "leave me." Sharon's second cousin Kelly Denson who was not even born when her famous cousin was murdered, inherited the box. Fascinated by her inheritance, she immediately began pouring over Tate's correspondence which started when she was a young girl and continued into her acting career."

Denson spoke about Sharon saying, "Not a day goes by that I do not think about her. Sometimes she's like my guardian angel. I even dream about her", said Denson.

As her own fate and life led Denson here and yonder, she carried her treasure trove of love with her, a large box of items that reflected a side of Sharon Tate, that while she was well-liked, few people would have suspected or imagined."

"Four years ago she brought the box with her from Fort Payne to Arab after she married Eric Denson now serving in Iraq. While she may have maintained a spiritual type of closeness to Tate, her physical closeness to the documents and items she inherited drifted. The box containing the Tate trove found it's way into a storage unit until after Denson moved. Eric cleaned out the unit and stored the Tate box in his grandmothers vacant house. When Denson realized where the Tate trove was she became alarmed."

"I said, "Baby you have to go get it. There could be rats out there." Deneson decided it was probably time to sell it.' So she could share it with everybody. "It's been 40 years now...

What do you think? Was Denson greedy or does she really want to "share it" as she claims.
I would thing "sharing" in this situation means putting them some where so others can view them for free. Share does not mean "selling." But that's just me. I know we are in a recession, maybe cousin needs a couple of bucks, but damn.

from -

The above photo is a Christmas card from 1950 Sharon sent to her Nannie accompanied by a letter and a hand made trinket no doubt a Christmas present. For the small sum of $12,000.00 you can own them. Here is the link:

For shits and giggles while I was there I put Charlie's name in the search button. I also found several signed letters for auction over priced like Sharon's items.

You can own the drawing below titled "Pink Side" for only $5,500