Friday, August 26, 2022

Mid-century Modern Gladiators?

Somebody was having fun with a "source" for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and I bet it wasn't a seasoned source from one of the alphabet agencies.

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July 31, 1969

Office Correspondence

From: Sergeant William Gleason

Motorcycle File

To: Captain James C. White

Records and Data Bureau

Subject: Weapons and Explosives in Possession of Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Malibu Station Patrol Area

Earlier this date, this writer received the following information from Los Angeles Police Department Devonshire Division Officers Marshall and Patten.

The officers advised that they had received information from a confidential source the members of the Satans Slaves, Hells Angels, and Galloping Gooses were presently living at Spahn Movie Ranch, Santa Susana Road, Chatsworth. These persons are reportedly in possession of a .50 caliber machine gun, along with a number of cases of dynamite. The source also stated that the dynamite is wired to a large amount of marijuana that is buried on the Ranch property. The exact location of the machine gun, dynamite, and marijuana is unknown. The Spahn Movie Ranch encompasses several hundred acres of land.

The source told the officers that the various clubs are gathering at the Spahn Ranch in preparation for a gang war. It is unknown what other clubs the above-mentioned clubs are planning to fight with, or where this gang war is to take place. Apparently, the above-mentioned clubs are going to fight smaller outlaw clubs in the Southern California area. The source stated that when the above-mentioned clubs feel like they are up to full strength, they will have a party for approximately one week and that after this party, they will fight the other clubs.

The Los Angeles Police Department Division verified that there were several members of the various clubs living at Spahn Ranch, also that two clips of .30 caliber ammunition have been found in the Spahn Movie Ranch area.

This writer has had reports of members of various clubs staying at the ranch, also Malibu Station has made some arrests at the ranch including an Assault With Deadly Weapon arrest reported under file 469-00721-1071-055.

The Devonshire Division officers will forward any further information, as it is received.

Sergeant Stern, Intelligence Bureau, was contacted and notified of the above. Sergeant Stern has previously received the same information from another source.

For Your Information.

(signed) William C. Gleason