Wednesday, October 26, 2016


We interrupt this Blog Post for an important article.  Tom O'Neill, a writer who fancies himself quite the expert on TLB, has written his second piece on Medium about the Tex Watson tapes.  As you read it, you find yourself trying to stay awake and focused.  What exactly is he concerned about?  Does he think that what Tex said to his lawyer in 1969 reverberates to the present day?  Does he think it blows up the Bugliosi myth of Helter Skelter that no one believes anyway?   Read closer and you quickly twig to what his problem is-

Tom is super BUTTHURT you guys because the DA promised him the tapes and they never gave it to him and that is SUPER UNFAIR.

Really, that is the entirety of what he writes.  He wants us to believe that what Debra thinks matters, that Sebring's nephew has some sort of standing in the case and that the LAPD really owes him man.

There are no unsolved Manson Murders.  These people couldn't shut their traps for 5 weeks much less 50 years.  No one is letting Tex out or Leslie or even Bobby.  It is all desperate attention seeking.

Tom is of course a talking head on all the bad TV shows who likes to discuss Charlie's secret Karate School.  He is also writing a book (his website says since 1999) but I was told by sources that his publisher has since pulled out.  When Tom was writing his book he was known for his heavy handedness, even going so far as demanding that Col Tate talk with him because....well who knows.   Back when Alisa and I were friendly she shared Tom stories that chilled me/  His entitlement knows no bounds.

I know he did interesting interviews with people like Melcher and Jakobsen.  But as long as he has this skewed perspective on the case I'm not sure what he has to say is interesting in any way.

Tex Watson led the most notorious murder spree of the 20th Century.  We will get a tweet from Cielo Drive dot com this week telling us he got his 17th parole denial.  And we may never get to hear what Tex said in 1969.

Doesn't change a goddamn thing.

CHARLES MANSON'S RIGHT HAND MAN IS UP FOR PAROLE - HERE'S WHAT TO WATCH FOR  (love the title, is this Tom's note to self?)

Five dead bodies, including the beautiful eight-and-half month pregnant actress and wife of a famous movie director. One-hundred-and-two stab wounds in total. “Pig” written in blood on the front door of the secluded estate high above Sunset Boulevard in the Hollywood Hills. The only sound heard by the arriving cops: insects buzzing over two victims’ bodies strewn across the front lawn. The next night, two more bodies across town: a grocery store magnate and his wife, similarly slaughtered. Sixty-seven stab wounds, more blood writing, the word “war” carved into the male victim’s abdomen, a fork and knife protruding from his bound and hooded corpse. Unsolved for four months, then the announcement of arrested suspects: a killer “hippie” cult, led by a barely literate ex-con who convinced his young followers he was Jesus Christ and the Devil. You’ve heard the story. You know the story.

Or do you? 

Yeah Tom we do.