Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Q & A Tuesday

Hi Eviliz,

I don't suppose I could ask another question for a Q&A ? We'll, I have two actually, and perhaps one of them could merit a post ;-) Here goes:
Who is the man named Kim mentioned in Paul's book, "My Life With Charles Manson?" He's mentioned several times, most notably in the acid freak out story, but then Paul says he split a week after the incident, and he never saw him again. Who is Kim and where is he today?

Everyone who ran across Manson seems to agree that he had quite a persuasive manner of speaking. Advanced pimp guru con type of stuff. Well, I finally got around to watching, "Inside The Manson Gang" and was completely disappointed by his super-lame rants. Like, I forwarded the playhead it was so bad. Did his super-bad "rap" lose power over the years or was it always just babbling redneck nonsense? I want to believe the former...
Thanks for your consideration,