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"be always at war with your vices,
at peace with your neighbors
and let each new year
find you a better man"
~Benjamin Franklin

Sadie's caption

Nancy's caption

Leslie's caption

Big Patty's caption

You give Charlie a caption

We here at Eviliz are completely exhausted from all our pre planning for the Second Annual New Years Evil Party. I can tell by all the R.S.V.P's, everyone has received their invitations. To wrap it up, everyone is just to tired to make one last 2011 post.
Let's end 2011 with a "members pick the caption" for these pictures I found up for auction on E-bay. Add you caption in the comments section.
The best caption winners will each receive a $100.00 gift cards at the New Years Evil Party. Gift cards are redeemable at any location. See you tonight at the shindig.
Black tie don't forget.

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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for The Evilist. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, this is the mailing list newsletter. By signing up you can be alerted to important new posts and other happenings at Eviliz.

When we came up with the idea I thought it had potential, but I never expected THIS MANY of you to sign-up.

Thank you for your support!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Deirdre Lansbury

[Nancy Pitman] was first introduced to Charles Manson and the family through her friend Deirdre Lansbury, daughter of the famous actress Angela Lansbury. Deirdre hung out with the family from time to time, and even had a note from her mother stating it was ok for her to travel with them.
- from

[Deirdre] is experiencing a happy life with her Italian husband Enzo Battarra; they have been the managers of the delightful Ristorante Positano in the Los Angeles area (closed in the year 2005) and, since 19 December 2005, of the Enzo and Angela - The Italian Restaurant.
- from

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Merry Christmas From All Of Us

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
photo from

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A message from Eviliz

Another day another asshole.
One of the researchers here Shawn thought it would be funny for some unknown reason to turn on us. He started his own web site dedicated to hating myself and my administrators because he does not like what we do here. All of a sudden.
He finds it funny that he had my e-mail accounts hacked. Why? So he could copy and paste my sent e-mails, edit them to his likings and re-post them on his site. Which is a total "ShittyKitty" move and Shawn knows it. Then he says that I have to much time on my hands.
Along with some picture of myself I shared with him over the years, he found it amusing to also post Patty, Ken, myself and Matt's personal information, work and home addresses plus phone numbers. That scared off Patty and Ken since they are upstanding citizens with stuff to protect. Matt and I are hard core.
I mean, how are you going to tell me what I do is wrong, then turn around and do the same thing hypocrite? Shawn writes on his blog that all Eviliz does is sit in her bedroom in her pajamas, doing drugs, living off state aid while stalking the Manson Family.
Sounds like someone is jealous to me. The ironic part is, Shawn provided me with abut 40% of my findings. Pictures and all the personal information on ex Family members. He was working on finding Mother Mary for us next but I guess that won't happen now. Losses cut.
The funniest thing I read over at Shawn's was something like -Eviliz disguises herself as a male rapper on FaceBook and tricks ex Family members to be her friend so she can steal their pictures."
Best of luck to you Shawn as you take on the title of--- drum roll ---
"Protector of the Manson Family".
Charlie's speed old friend. I myself am off to smoke some crack and lay down a new rap track to post on my FB. It is after all- the best Family lure.
And NO I can't post the link!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Manson girls with their Xmas tree in the corner.

I will do my best to identify them all.

I think it is Crystal Alonzo on the left, followed by Nancy (up high), Lynnette and Country Sue maybe?

Thanks again to Ole J.C for the pic
Photo property of Robert Hendrickson

One more book on the way?

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

Heidi Ley holds a book on Charles Manson at her Palmer Ranch home. Ley is working on her own book about the Manson case.
Of the roughly 160 books already written on Manson, she's read about half. "
Most of them are bad," she says.
Heidi if you still follow this blog-Congratulations on following one of your dreams!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson!

Mr. Patty, like our beloved Colonel, loves those little round-headed dudes. For a treat, Patty queued up Christmas Time in South Park:

Episode One marks the very first appearance of Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo which is an all time classic. Episode Two is entitled "Merry Christmas, Charlie Manson!" Since Patty was not expecting this, she pointed and laughed her fool ass off while Mr. Patty groaned with mock chagrin. Anywhoo, (spoiler alert!) Charlie drives Cartman and the gang to the mall in Grandma Cartman's car, changes his swastika to a smiley face tattoo, then gives a requisite sentimental speech about the meaning of Family as he is ultimately hauled back to the klink. VERY silly. VERY eggnog-and-bongworthy. Enjoy!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Q & A Monday

Candy and Nuts and I were discussing- In Jess Bravin's book "Squeaky",
he mentions during the Willett murders, the cops came and they found an embroidered vest or vests reading "Satan's Maidens". Has anyone else ever heard of these vests?
Not to be confused with the "Devil's Witches, Devils Hole Death Valley" vests.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Catherine Gillies

Cappy continues to speak with Charlie frequently on the phone. We know this 100% to be true.

We don't know for certain if she speaks with any of the other former Family members.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Manson Memorabilia for sale

Facebook site that sells Manson memorabilia. It appears to be run by Michael from Back Porch Tapes. They also have photos of peoples Manson collections which I found interesting.

The Alcala Connection

Rodney James Alcala, aka "The Dating Game Killer," was a winning Bachelor #1 on the Dating game in 1978 right in the middle of his killing spree. Though his confirmed victim count is currently five with two more on the way, it is thought that he may have killed as many as 130 people. He is eerily connected to our main subject of study in the following ways:

-Alcala attended New York University using the alias "John Berger", where he studied film under Roman Polanski.

-Alcala committed his first known crime in 1968: A motorist in Los Angeles witnessed him luring an eight-year-old girl named Tali Shapiro into his Hollywood apartment and called police. If indeed Tex was a budding serial killer during this time as some have speculated, he would definitely have had competition from this dude.

-In 1977, NYPD cold-case investigators now believe that one week after arriving in Manhattan, Alcala killed Ellen Jane Hover, 23, goddaughter of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.

If you want to, you can view Alcala's collection of unidetified photographs which were released in March, 2010 at . His work is beautiful, but haunting and often stomach churning. Recognize anyone?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

E-bay round up

Gypsy's record singing as "Charity Shayne" for sale on E-bay.
3 bidders at $21.50 ends in 23 hours.
Some Tex pics $14.99 ends in one day with one bid.
I am to lazy to provide the links. Just type Charles Manson in the search box.
Manson Behind The Scenes by Bill Nelson- one buy it now for $49.99 with 10 days left.
A few copies of "Desert Shadows" as well as Texes book and "Taming the Beast."


Ken's previous post reminded me of something. During an interview with Stephanie Schram on Brian Davis' site, Star City Radio (link below). Stephanie mentioned everything happened so long ago she can't remember all of it.

You might remember Dianne Lake contacted me back in August. Since then, Dianne and I have kept in contact with each other. She has gone on to lead a much deserved normal life, marrying and having three children and beautiful grandchildren.

Like Stephanie, while questioning Dianne, there were also a few things she could not remember.

It was over 40 years ago. Shit, I personally can't remember stuff that happened last week.

I asked Dianne if the girls came with their nicknames or were they bestowed upon them by certain people as we have read. Dianne offered me what she could recall and her permission to share it with the blog.

Since she could not remember 100 percent, Matt did not consider it blog worthy, but I do.

I really, really hope Matt does not fire me for posting this.

Dianne- a.k.a."Snake." - It was while we were living on Summit Trail and the weather was very hot. While sitting with Lynn and Sandy, I imagined myself as a snake slithering through the cool, tall green grass. I shared my thoughts with Lynn and Sandy who in turn told the others. From that day on I was called Snake."

Lynn- a.k.a. "Squeaky" - Lynn's laughter sounded like a "squeak." George Spahn found her squeaky laugh amusing and gave her the nickname "Squeaky."

Ruth Ann- a.k.a. "Ouish" - One of the children could not pronounce Ruth Ann. It would come out sounding like "ouish". From then on Ruth Ann was called "Ouish."

Cathy Gillies a.k.a. "Cappy"

Cahterine Share a.k.a-"Gypsy" both girls arrived already with their nicknames. Check out our buddy Brian Davis' Star Radio interviews with Stephanie Schram and Matthew Roberts.


I sometimes wonder why Bobby and Bruce are still rotting away in prison.

Lifer Parole Process Parole Hearings

Only inmates sentenced to life in prison(Indeterminate Sentenced), with the possibility of parole, are subject to suitability hearings by the BPH.

Some life inmates are sentenced without the possibility of parole. All prison inmates in California who are not serving life sentences (known as Determinate Sentences) are released on parole after serving the sentence imposed by the court and are supervised by the Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Inmates serving life sentences become eligible for parole hearings automatically, one year prior to their minimum eligible parole date (MEPD). Being scheduled for a parole hearing is no indication of the inmate’s suitability for release from prison.

Whether inmates are found suitable for parole is a judgment of the BPH hearing panel. These inmates are sentenced to the possibility of parole, not the assurance of it, recognizing that their maximum potential sentence is life. It is not uncommon for inmates to receive many parole hearings before they are found suitable for release. By law, inmates can be found unsuitable for parole for the following denial lengths: 15, 10, 3, 5 or 7 years. Suitability criteria Parole hearings are not to decide guilt or innocence. The BPH accepts as fact the guilty verdict imposed by the courts.

I assume the paragraph below contains one or more reasons Bobby and Bruce are still incarcerated. Maybe they have not complied with ALL the conditions.

The purpose of a parole hearing is to determine if or when an inmate can be returned to society. Under normal circumstances, the panel or the Board shall set a release date unless it determines that the gravity of the crime (offense), or the timing and gravity of current or past convictions, requires a more lengthy period of incarceration to ensure public safety. In general, some of the factors considered by the panel and which are discussed in the hearing include:counseling reports and psychological evaluations behavior in prison (ie, disciplinary notices or laudatory accomplishments) vocational and educational accomplishments in prison involvement in self-help therapy programs that can range from anti-addiction programs for drugs and alcohol to anger management parole plans, including where an inmate would live and support themselves if they were released.

Some say they are political prisoners. I looked up the definition of "political prisoner." political  prisoner- noun

A person who has been imprisoned for holding or advocating dissenting political views.

Are the Manson crimes political views?

Re posts

June 2011 HE got old on me.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Folsom Prison


...And Now

Folsom Prison was home to Charles Manson from October 1972 to May of 1976, and to James Terrell "Spider" Craig from 1973 until 1978. Today, there are two prisons in the town of Represa, CA 95671: Folsom State Prison, and California State Prison, Sacramento which was initially meant to be an addition to the main building. The word "represa" in Spanish means "dam," because as you can see the prison sits adjacent to the Folsom Dam which forms Folsom Lake.

Notice that just across the waters lies the extremely expensive community of Granite Bay, CA. Patty finds it ironic that both society's unwanted and those who have aspired to the top of the American Dream are both distanced from the rest of us, yet so very close together: It was in Granite Bay that NBA player "Meta World Peace" (formerly Ron Artest) was arrested for animal cruelty. It was also in Granite Bay where 15 year old Tylar Witt and her boyfriend killed her mom Joanne Witt in her sleep, having drugged her first. And just this week, it was discovered that a lead psychologist at Represa, Laurie Ann Martinez, has been arrested for making fake rape and burglary charges at home to get her husband to move to a nicer neighborhood (like, Granite Bay, maybe?)

And they asked him why he wears black...

above: Johnny Cash plays Folsom Prison, 1968. Below: Cash givin' it to The Man

Thursday, December 8, 2011

scramble his head

Parole Hearings

Thanks to for the updated parole hearings list.
Bruce Davis- to be determinded
Charles Manson- May 2012
Leslie Van Houten July 2013
Robert Beausoleil- December 2015
Charles Watson- November 2016
Patrica Krenwinkel-January 2018

Who has a caption for this?

Someone asked when did Sandy turn her "X" into a swastica.
I could not find a picture of that but did find these. Lovely swatica robes.

Swastika meaning

Have you ever wondered what the swastika symbol stands for? Did you know that the swastika has been found on artifacts that are over 3000 years old? According to the American-Israeli , the word swastika was used to describe the hooked cross. Would you be surprised to learn that is a symbol of being fortunate, not Anti-Semitism? In some cultures, they actually turned the symbol clockwise or added something to it. Before the symbols meaning was changed, the swastika was used to represent "life, sun, power, strength, and good luck." Many cultures consider the emblem to be a sacred part of their lives and faith.

Q & A Wednesday

hippiekiller...... asked which Manson book is better- Taming The Beast" by Edward George or "Manson in His Own Words" by Nuel Emmons? I'm more interested in the cultish qualities of The Family, not so much Manson himself...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Calling All Lukers welcomes detective work and any contributions from members and non members.
If anyone is interested in writing a book or movie review, a rant or anything else Family drop me a line and we can post it for you. Someone has to want to write about why Bobby should get out of prison or stay there. I am pretty sure one of the guys wants to write about which of the girls floated his boat. Stop lurking!!!! If you are shy, you can remain "anoymous" with your write up.

The Pools

The pool at Myer's Ranch
The pool at Barker Ranch
Thanks to "The Grump" for the pics.

Thanks to Dectetive ORWHAT for finding this for us. Thanks so much!
SHe is equally as pretty as Sandy. Minus the crazed look .

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Reader from Bardstown, KY Writes to

December 6, 2011 6:45 AM

MelissaDrastic said... I live in Bardstown ,Ky where James Willett was from. I know his family quite well. I do know that his sister Alice was under protection for awhile after the murders. The Willett family received death threats and numerous threatening phone calls. Everyone was so scared for a long time around here. Yours is the only site where I have found much info on James and Lauren.

Hi Melissa, thank you for writing. We would absolutely LOVE to hear more from you. Would you write to Panamint Patty please? Patty at this website.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ginny Good

Here's some chapters that talk about Sandra Good from a book about her
sister called "Ginny Good."


I thought this was great:

"Sandy is a total hippie who was living with the Beach Boys in Malibu and now is with prospectors in the desert teaching Dean Martin's daughter how to lose her ego. They cluck their tongues about what bad shape Mia Farrow and Nanci Sinatra's heads are in, altho Miss Farrow gave away her clothes and is living ascetically, 'she just can't give up her image.' I would certainly like to see my sister after reading her letters. She hikes barefoot in the desert forever, and she used to deride my mystical propensities. She is an Aquarian—Pisces cusp—which goes right along with what she is now doing. An absolutely rebellious, unconventional mystic. I sort of envy her."

All I personally remember about Sandy is that she used to work as a sales clerk at the Emporium on Market Street. She sold scarves and plastic headbands and was a lot less charismatic than Ginny—less compelling, more drab. That was before she shaved herself bald, carved a swastika into her forehead and hung out with the rest of the Manson chicks chanting spooky stuff outside the Hall of Justice in L.A., and way before she and Squeaky set up their own website.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

orwhut said... I want to see Sandy and the grapes.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter is on the way

The first day of winter is fast approaching. I thought this would make a lovely
"Good bye Autumn, welcome winter" post.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Speaking of Erected MCMXXV

It would not be complete with out Red and Blue.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Patty supposes she might unofficially be starting an "Netflix Companion:" recently she discussed "Wild in the Streets" and "Jesus Christ Superstar;" today she will touch on a little gem of a documentary produced in the Haight-Ashbury and released in 1968 that is called quite simply, "Revolution!"

What makes this movie most relevant to Manson researchers is its period look inside the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic at 558 Clayton Street (You can see a photo of the Free Clinic TODAY on here:

At or around minute 36, the interior of the two front rooms full of medical personnel and hippies is fully visible for several minutes. From a victorian bay window, you can see a short, waif-like little man pacing down on the corner...
...could it be???

Anyhoo. You may remember that Dr. David E. Smith was the author of a scholarly paper on the Family entitled "The Group Marriage Commune: A Case Study" in the September, 1970 Journal of Psychedelic Drugs. Dr. Smith is also the founder of the free clinic, and also of Rock Med. Surely, Dr. Smith must have known Ines Folger quite well, wouldn't you think? He has a cameo of sorts at or about minute 18 as the camera pans a public health poster that reads as follows:

"STP Users: Do not take thorazine, seconal or other downers for STP bum trips. David E. Smith, M.D. If you need help, call free medical clinic 431-1714 558 Clayton Street."

STP gets mentioned more than once before the credits roll. Patty never realized before how available it must have been back then. For those of you unfamiliar, STP (aka DOM, aka 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine) is a hallucinogenic characterized by vibrations, distortions, increased sexual sensation and a rise in blood pressure.

One final though before Patty ceases to bore you with her background research...Today. Today Malone is the sunny blonde star who sells dope and booklets on "How To Roll The Perfect Joint" to passers-by:

In the movie, Today says that she took her name because, you know, it's beautiful. "Like, totally NOW." Heard this one before? From Scientology? Or The Process? Or one of the groups mentioned in this film like The Hip Job Co-Op, The Diggers, The Krishna Temple, The Love Vortex or the Orifice? Patty wonders if Today ever met The Family? She looks just like one of the girls but more conventionally "pretty." Here, just to stay kind of on topic, Patty presents you with Today yesterday and Today today:

And, Dr. Smith yesterday and today: