Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Manson girls with their Xmas tree in the corner.

I will do my best to identify them all.

I think it is Crystal Alonzo on the left, followed by Nancy (up high), Lynnette and Country Sue maybe?

Thanks again to Ole J.C for the pic
Photo property of Robert Hendrickson


beauders said...

she's not crystal, that is ruthann.

Charlie Higgins said...

Thats what I thought as soon as I saw the photo

Matt said...

Definitely Ruth Ann.

Anonymous said...

Kay Wallace

candy and nuts said...

that looks like crystal to me OUisch left before the girls even shaved their heads so this wouldnt be her

candy and nuts said...

Ive seen this pic in few other forms and Im sure this is crystal

candy and nuts said...

I just put this together for comparison:

candy and nuts said...

Ive read somethings about Crystal like she met Sadie in prison and Sadie named her Crystal Palace and turned her on to Charlie and also the later attempt to kidnap a foreign diplomat but anyone know anything else of the inbetween years Ive never seen her pic with shaved head (the book helter skelter says crystal in the pic of the bald girls but that is wrong that is Cappy), just curious if anyone knows anything else

LoLo said...

That is Crystal for sure.

cielodrivecom said...

From "Squeaky"….

A Family member named Crystal — Maria Alonzo — was hitchhiking from West Hollywood down to Hawthorne, where she worked in a topless bar. A driver stopped to pick her up; it was Bill Siddons, Lyn's former boyfriend, just leaving his offices at Santa Monica and La Cienega boulevards. Siddons, now manager of the Doors, made it a rule always to pick up hitchhikers.

He quickly noticed the X carved into Crystal's forehead. Siddons had seen Lyn, similarly adorned, on television.

"Do you know Lyn Fromme?" he blurted out. "I used to go to school with her."

Crystal couldn't contain her excitement —any friend of Lyn's, especially any friend with a car, was a friend of hers. She exploded with excitement, telling Siddons all about the changes she and Lyn had undergone, inviting him to come by the comer. Crystal had all the zeal of a convert; not an original member of the Family, she had met Sadie in jail at Sybil Brand, and been seduced by the thought of meeting God himself. It was Sadie who gave Maria Alonzo her new name of Crystal Palace, a moniker that might well spring to the mind of a former stripper.

Siddons reflected on the Manson Family, and thought to himself: "You've fucked up, Bill. Not the kind of people you want to be talking to." He smiled for the rest of the trip to Hawthorne on the way to his home in Manhattan Beach - and resolved to stop picking up hitchhikers. He certainly wouldn't be visiting the comer of Temple and Broadway to visit his high school sweetheart.

cielodrivecom said...

From "Taming The Beast"….

On December 22, 1972, [Squeaky] ushered a hooded rat pack of four female Manson followers to the front gate of Folsom Prison. Each had an X carved into her forehead. The three women with Squeaky were identified as Nancy "Ice" Pitman, Maria "Crystal" Alonzo, and Sue Bartell. The files offered little background on the supporting trio.

There were, however, pictures. In typical sledgehammer Manson fashion, the girls had previously dispatched photos to Folsom showing them clutching an impressive array of automatic weapons and submachine guns. That prompted prison officials to search the beat-up Dodge van they used that afternoon. Inside, the guards discovered a rifle scope, gun-cleaning materials, and several empty cartridge belts — all legal. Confronted, the eerie trio admitted that they were doing a great deal of target practice in preparation for the coming revolution.

The girls weren't allowed visit Manson, but taking advantage of a loop-hole, they were allowed to visit other prisoners. These cons could then relay the messages to and from Charlie, thus establishing a critical line of communication.

From unity standpoint, Manson made a critical mistake in allowing his follow cons to get a piece of his girls. Although the visiting-room groping sessions and release-night sexfests were bizarre and immoral, love can blossom in the strangest places. As with Kenneth Como, the ABs often fell in love with, and became fiercely possessive of, their sexy gifts from Charlie. Aside from Como and Gypsy Share, other long-term hookups included Mike Monfort and Nancy Pitman, James "Spider" Craig and Priscilla Cooper, and William "Chilly Willie" Goucher and Maria T. "Crystal" Alonzo. To the man, the first thing these jealous, violent felons did after falling for the beautiful girls was break them from their former master. Subsequently, Charlie ended up losing a half dozen or more of his most loyal disciples this way.

Interestingly enough, another resident of the Lauren Willett murder house, Crystal Alonzo, would later be arrested in a plot to kidnap a consul general from one of eight countries—Estonia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, or Haiti— in order to extort a $250,000 ransom. Then U.S. assistant attorney general Robert Perry had this foray at the group's arraignment: "They came perilously close to the commission of a kidnapping...which could have brought this country to its knees."

eviliz said...

candy and nuts said...
that looks like crystal to me OUisch left before the girls even shaved their heads so this wouldnt be her

i agree

especially if you see the pics of charlie on the wall. charlie pics on walls came way after the murders.

Amanda Viviani said...

That is definitely Crystal - Ruth Ann was gone by this point.

Unknown said...

Sorry that is crystal.
She is my girlfriend.
Not Ruthann!

thelovepigeon said...

"Sorry that is crystal.
She is my girlfriend."

Honey, she died 34 years ago. Sorry about it.

sickofmarxist said...

I have known Kay Wallace for about fifteen years now