Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eviliz Tour 2012 - Day 1


Ok, so we're in Vegas for like 1 minute and Liz nearly kicks someone's ass under the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas " sign. I kid you not. Some entrepreneurial young lady was accepting tips to take pictures of people at the sign with their own cameras. Well, she and Liz don't see things eye to eye and we're already trying to decide if we can work bail money into our budgets. This whole thing is off to a typical Eviliz start!

Liz and Grump at the Titanic Exhibit 
at the Luxor - Las Vegas, NV.
Matt chose to avoid cheezy photos at the exhibit.
Mrs Matt was having none of it - she hit the Luxor Casino

The Grump and Apollo Grump

After the Patty's arrived we had dinner 
at Sheri's Bordello, Pahrump, NV
L-R (The Pattys, The Matts, Liz & Grump)
The rest is classified information, sorry.