Saturday, January 19, 2013

Manson Trial Jurors

Patty has been perusing a copy of "Trial by your Peers," by Manson juror William Zamora (pictured at left)  that Grump sent her some time ago.  The book details the goings on of the trial from Zamora's perspective which at times is truly comical. There are a lot of interesting tidbits in the book, which Patty will recount in other posts. One thing she found interesting was the list of jurors on the trial, and what Zamora thought of each of them. Zamora uses pseudonyms for each juror, presumably to keep from being sued (?):

"Frank Welch" (described as "self educated," true name Alva Dawson, retired deputy sherriff, pictured above right)

"Mr. White" ("alienated:" true name John Baer, electrical technician, pictured at left)
"Genaro Swanson" ("popular," true name Anlee Sisto, pictured at right)
"Olivia Madison" ("a drunk:" true name Evelyn Hines, dictaphone operator)
"Betty Clark" ("solitary")
"Mr. Scalise" (dissatisfied: true name Walter Vietzelio, retired security guard)

"Martin Payne" (narrow minded: true name Herman Tubick, undertaker and foreman, pictured at left)
"Marvin Connolly" (immature: true name William McBride, reactor operator)
"Violet Stokes" (insecure)
"Deborah Hart" (had affair with Tom Brooks, true name Jean Roseland, mother of three and secretary at TWA, pictured at right)
"Mildred Osborne"

"Ray Harris" (hostile, true name Larry Sheely)
"Ruth Collingwood" (searching for a husband)
"Daniel Jackson" (naive)
"George Kiefer, Jr." (simple)
"Edith Rayburn" (traveler)
"Tom Brooks" (had affair with Deborah Hart, true name Bob Douglass)