Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mondays w/Nancy on Tuesday

You can dress her up, but can you still take her out?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Leno in Germany

Frank Struthers and his dad.

Nothing like a ride in the ole prison van. We here call it "the icecream truck"

Star Witness Not So Star Prosecutor

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Read Something

Old article, but I found info I never heard before.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Ranch Hand Swartz at Shorty's trial


looks like they are holding hands like lovers.



Donald "Shorty" Shea


Shorty (crouching) performing as an extra in one of the few movies shot at Spahn Movie Ranch.

I think Shorty had to "come to now" because he was always in George Spahn's ear.  He didn't care for the drugs, runaways, car chop shop, or the heAlter skelter dance club.  He probably over heard things - I am sure.  They say Shorty had George finally convinced to get rid of The Family.  It is rumored that everyone in the hard core inner circle we're involved.
The men of the Family "participated" in the actual killing.
Charlie,Tex, Clem and Bruce.
A couple of the girls packed up his belongings into his foot locker. One or more drove Shorty's car to where it was found.  Supposedly some dug the grave.  Leslie I think, kicked his dead body down the hill. Clem alone, buried him.  I recall reading somewhere the police found Shorty's car parked in a residential neighborhood 
somewhere,quite awhile after he went missing.  Inside the car was Shorty's foot locker and his bloody cowboy boots.  Gypsy's fingerprints  and Bruce's palm print were found on the foot locker.  I think it was Bruce who pawned Shorty's matching guns. 

According to CA Department of Corrections this is how you get your parole.
Once you are granted your parole by the Parole Board,there is a review of the findings.  The review is to determine if there are any errors of law or fact and can take up to 120 days.
If after the 120 days the decision still stands, the case goes to the Governor of Cali.  The Governor has up to thirty days to review the boards decision.  He says yes or no to parole.
It then goes back to the Board.  Even if the parole board denies someone or approves someone, The Govenor can reverse it.
At the beginning of 2010 Bruce was granted parole.
On 6/29/2010  Arnold said no Bruce can't go home. 
I understand the Gov has the last say on who can and can't be paroled.  What does that mean for Bruce?  Sit and rot until your next parole hearing?  That has to suck.

Things I Wonder About Bruce

I wonder if he got all excited and thought he was really going home to his wife and pre-teen daughter. 
I wonder if he vowed to never watch another Terminator or Predator movie again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Says Pair Admitted Shea Killing

Monday, November 22, 2010

Manson Family member, Catherine “Gypsy” Share in Los Angeles. Share today muses how she might have been a lawyer or journalist had she never met Manson.                                              This undated image provided by Catherine Share shows former Manson Family member, Catherine Share at Spahn Ranch, Calif. Share muses how she might have been a lawyer or journalist had she never met Manson.

Do you think we will ever get to read "She Was A Gypsy Woman"?  As far back as 2000 the book was complete.
This girl could tell us quite a tale or two.  In the small amount of interviews she has done, she does offer us some new insight, but not much.  Does she know Nelson is dead and it is safe to come out of hiding, again? 

Mondays with Nancy week 3

NO chicken coop daycare for this grandbaby.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sandy ~ strapped for court

Sandy on her way to court, probably to help a brother. Notice the black arrow pointing to the buck knife. Try getting one of those into a coutroom today. Thank you again to Emily for this picture.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WTF Wednesday

These are actual quilts someone made. Who the hell would want to sleep under these besides James Whitehouse?  I would call it a guarantee to have nightmares. 

If anyone has a baby shower or a wedding coming up, this would make a lovely  and thoughtful gift.


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Mondays with Nancy week 2

New Pic

bikini time!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Read Something

I guess there really is a bottomless pit Chuck spoke of.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poor Bobby

There are a lot of things I just don't get.  Bobby is one of them.  He holds a special place in my heart.  Only because he was and still is - hot.  All a girl would have to do is give him a good scrubbin with a wire brush and he would be ready to go.  
He seemed to have a few things going for him pre Gary.  He designed scene sets for movies shot at Spahn's.  Managed to land a few bit parts , one in a porno with Gypsy.  He played a variety of instruments.  He was in some bands, so  I assume he wrote songs.  Then what went wrong?  We will never know why Bobby, Sadie and Mary did what they did.  And - why the hell would you drive around in the car of the person who's murder you just "participated" in?  And when the car broke down why didn't he just keep going on foot?  No, he bunks the murder weapon in the wheel well of the car he stole from the guy who's murder he  just "participated" in and lays down for a nap?   Forged pink slip or not.

In prison he invented some new musical instruments.  He is an avid guitar player.  He is very talented musically.  I myself, can only play the skin flute.  He also is a painter.  His artwork is some pretty dark stuff.  I wonder if he would have made these accomplishments if he never went to prison?  I truly believe he is a political prisoner, I think that is the term.  His cocky attitude and association with M is why he is still rotting away in prison.  I think he has done enough time and should be released.  But, If I was a relative or friend of Gary, I am sure I would think differently.

And if Gary was a mescaline maker/dealer, why was there never any mention of a drug factory set up in his house?  Or, no drugs found in the house?

Bobby the Transient.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Man George Spahn


Monday, November 8, 2010

RIP Deane Morehouse 2/13/1920-5/22/2010

I received several inquiries about Deane Moorehouse, Ruth Ann's dad. I did some research and found out he passed away in May of this year. He was 90. I am pretty sure he lived his life to the fullest.


Mondays With Nancy Start Today

Some faces are blocked out to protect the innocent and/or clueless.
This post is dedicated to my friend "A".

Just remember who found and posted them first!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Whats new with Tex.

I rarely go over to Tex's site.  The whole Jesus conversion pisses me off. I am by no means religious either and Tex is a bible thumper.   I have nothing against religious folk, to each their own.   Took a peek over at       http://www.aboundinglove.org/sensational/sen-006.php
Tex is babbling about the new Manson movie in the works by writer/director John Gray. 
He says  HeAlter Skelter  by The Bug was 85% accurate.  Some of the inaccuracies we're-
there was no girl on girl action of any kind, not even kissing.  There we're never any orgies. 
He never saw Charlie beat on any of the girls.  The dogs did not eat before the humans.
No confirmations on Little Paul and Charlie's homo-erotic encounter.  
No denials of feces in the fridge.  I know I know, that was not in HeAlter Skelter.
A lot of new stuff I never heard from his mouth.   Be it the truth or not you decide. 
Over all it is a good read- go check it out.  The usual lies and story line changing. 

http://www.aboundinglove.org/sensational/sen-006.php   go here to  see Tex's blessings for Sister Susan his partner in crime.  It was written in 2008.   I don't think it helped her get into heaven.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Matthew Roberts

I found Matthew Roberts long before he became so public, maybe 3 years ago. I don't know if now I believe he is Charlie' son. When I first found him I believed it. Ran it by The Col and he said nah. Matthew went on Howard Stern years ago about it. His MySpace page had the book he wrote about his life posted quite a few years ago. Plus a letter he received from Charlie about him being the sire. Might still be up there I am not sure. MySpace is like Sadie, every time I visit there I get a virus. Unlike the Family, I like to stay away from viruses. Matthew's music is- i guess kinda techno. I would compare it to Nine Inch Nails. He even wrote a tune about finding out Charlie was his birth father. Like I said, I researched it, the stories and the dates add up. But now that I read this Details magazine article I am not so sure. Whats your opinion on it? Its like he is begging people to believe him now. Details Magazine refuses to let me link, so you are on your own finding it.

Lets play dress up like Daddy

Picture taken from Details Magazine.


Tanya tries to sue over mix up in Greg King's book.


Last Known Problem With The Law

Can't find any newspaper articles on this crime.
I could purchase the court transcripts if I had extra cash to throw around.

On or about October 24, 1996 cops showed up at Linda's home she shared with her daughter Quanu, her other daughter Tanya and Tanya's two children. Police found crack cocaine all packaged up ready to go, powder cocaine on a plate, a scale, baggies and a 45 caliber with ammunition, plus a bundle of money.

Taken into custody were Quanu and Linda. Tanya must have been out catching a sale at the time. Quanu was charged for the drugs and gun and did some jail time. Linda was charged with conspiracy but served no time. Lucky bitch always getting a slap on the wrist.

They had a trial over this b.s?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you Emily for sharing.

Skanky Scandalous Bitch

I think everyone knows flashing your breasts is tradition at biker meets.

But who the hell is dumb enough to get arrested for it?
Article from 1981


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

M Girl Prison Stories

Great recent article written by a very nice gentleman who was a prison guard at C.I.W when the Manson girls we're there.  He was the handler for the Lai$ure's wedding.   


link site is copyright 2009 John J. Nazarian.   Used with exclusive permission by Evilizinc.

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A Nancy Pic A Week

Here-before someone else gets their grubby paws on it and claims it as their own. The Col has bigger balls than me. I sat on this for a long time. I do have some morals and standards. Kinda went back and fourth on posting these but.....

Col got the snowball started, I will push it down the hill.
And if Nancy's still has a little revenge in her, she will get The Col first.


My game plan is- one Nancy pic a week until I run out or, Nancy asks me to stop.
Are Mondays good for you?

left to right Nancy's new man, Daddy Duncan-every grey hair on his head courtesy of his daughter Nancy.