Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skanky Scandalous Bitch

I think everyone knows flashing your breasts is tradition at biker meets.

But who the hell is dumb enough to get arrested for it?
Article from 1981



Matt said...

Liz, it sounds like you speak from experience.

eviliz said...

a friend of mine got arrested in the early 90's for flashing her boobs at a "Harley Rondevous" in FL while vacationing on spring break. she was also underage, 16
at the time. so they decide to make HER the example. she lives on the east coast and had to keep flying back to FL for monthly court dates. that was an expensive
flash! her parents we're pissed!
and no matt is wasn'tkelly.

eviliz said...

20 years ago i was a flasher. i admit it.