Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hanging out with Michael on his Back Porch!

Disclaimer: The Backporch Tapes is a private collection that is shown to very few people. It is kept in a secret location away from Michael's house. Please don't go trying to contact him asking for a tour. He will politely refuse.

Suffice it to say that Michael Channels doesn't have a Manson collection. He has a fucking MUSEUM! We spent all day with him in that room and I feel like we only scratched the surface. He was a gracious host and was extremely generous with his time, knowledge and experiences. We cannot possibly thank him enough.

His stories & memories of his visits with Manson were pretty fascinating, too. Some of it we can never repeat. LOL. You'll have to ask him yourself.

It was an honor to get to know him. He's a cool guy with his own Manson Museum. Afterwards he took us to George Spahn's grave where we sat around in the grass & shot the shit for a while about life in general. A great time!

Guitar strings & pics belonging to CM

Ouisch's autograph attached to her mugshot.

Original hard copy of Manson File signed by Charles Manson

You can see Manson wearing this sweatshirt HERE

This is a label inside the tongue of one of Manson's boots. Manson must have some pretty big dogs because I wear an 11 1/2 and my foot had room to swim in there!

Matt, walking in Manson's shoe!

Dice made by Manson from soap.

At one point Michael looked at me and said, 
"Do you have a comic book written about you from prison? 
No? Well I DO!" LOL. 
Well, he does...

George Spahn's grave.

As an added treat, here is an interview Mike just did with Manson. As a humorous footnote, at about 8:07 you'll here Mike's phone beep. That was me (Matt) texting him. Lol.