Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thanks Marc

Thanks to Marc for this link. Similar story to the link in the other post.

Yes Matt I posted something from Wikipedia, it was all that was avaliable.
I have a small hatred of Wikipedia and have slapped Matt around in the past for quoting from it.

I wonder if any of the Family ever creepycrawled over there and moved around their reactors.


Cancer from Spahn's Ranch?

I remember reading or hearing somewhere about Family members getting cancer from being at Spahn's.  Susan, Como (was he at Spahn's ever?) and Ansom.  I researched my little heart out and can not find anything but this.
It seems that there was a location near Spahn's that leaked hazerdous materials into the ground.  I might be wrong, don't quote me.


If any one knows anything else about this, please fill us in.

Dennis Rice IS dying.

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip.  You are correct.  Dennis Rice is dying from liver cancer.  
Here is a quote from the article -  "In May, Rice said he was diagnosed with liver cancer and his doctor gave him six to nine months, and at most, a year to live."
Read it here.  Article from December 2010


Another converter- Gypsy

Gypsy makes her first nude debute in Ramrodder.
Speaking for the ladies "where are the nudes of Bobby?"

The One True Thumper Fatheman Dennis Rice

Dennis Rice circa 2009

More Bible Thumpers

This is kinda old but I found it interesting.  If you live in Grover Beach CA, you might have some new neighbors. 
Mr. Bruce Davis, his wife and teen daughter.

If released, Davis says he wants to live in Grover Beach with his wife and daughter. During his years in prison, Davis earned a masters and a Ph.D. in religion and hopes to work with a local church.

article taken from calcoastnews.com


Bible Thumping Can't Save You

An older article from Tex's site.  He speaks about Susan being sick.

Our Sister Susan article taken from aboundinglove.org
Those who know Christ in prison have compassion for each other. (a.k.a.  thick as thieves) Compassion means "suffering with another".  Susan Atkins is a former Manson Family member who is now diagnosed with brain cancer.(I like to call it- her karma)  I'm told by a friend that "one leg is gone and she can't even sit up or lift her head." (again karma)

She is imprisoned at CIW where those Christian with her demonstrate compassion.  She is a dear sister in the Lord.
There isn't a lot of sympathy for her from the general public.
After serving 40 years in prison for her part in the Manson murders she asked for a compassionate release, but was denied. (Like when Sharon asked Susan for compassion for herself and her baby, and Susan denied her.) The doctor's only give her 6 months to live.(she managed to cling on a much longer)  She is one of those inmates, who has shown compassion to many undeserving women during her prison stay.  It is her time to reap compassion and prayer's from us who know God's love.

My prayers go out to Susan who came to Christ in 1974.
Chaplin Ray Hoekstra came to see me in 1975, telling me of her salvation and how she had written to Bruce Davis who came to Christ as a result. ( so if Susan never wrote to Bruce he would still be a heathen?) Chaplin Ray wanted me to receive Christ, which I did a few months later in 1975.   The testimonies he shared and the love of God working through many others opened my heart to the Lord.

Judgement day

Those who do not hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ
believe that one day justice will be served when murders like Susan, Bruce and myself meet the Lord.  To the contrary justice was served when Jesus took our sins upon Himself on Calvary's cross.  Our sins were placed upon Him in exchange for eternal life, because of God's mercy upon the sinner.
"God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.  And since we have been made right in God' site by the blood of Christ, He will certainly save us from God's judgement." ( if that is what makes you feel better Tex, keep telling yourself that).


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