Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dennis Rice IS dying.

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip.  You are correct.  Dennis Rice is dying from liver cancer.  
Here is a quote from the article -  "In May, Rice said he was diagnosed with liver cancer and his doctor gave him six to nine months, and at most, a year to live."
Read it here.  Article from December 2010



grace52775 said...

Denis rice was a member of my church, The Door. He was able to turn his life around by serving the Lord. After accepting Jesus, he was abundantly blessed. He married a beautiful, God-fearing woman, and had many children and he blessed with many, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, that he was able to know in his lifetime, most of which have become pastors and foreign pastors and missionaries, . He died about a week ago, surrounded by his family and friends who all love and cherish him dearly. He started out rough around the edges, but he left behind a wonderful legacy that has spread across the world.

Unknown said...