Monday, October 24, 2022

Barker Ranch 10-12-1969 Arrests


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Unlike the information on the October 10th arrests there is no police report. The only documents I could find were the Arrest and Property Records. There is also a document that details the Complaints filed against those from both days of arrests included at the end of the pdf.

Though Bruce Davis was also arrested on the 12th there is no Arrest and Property Record for him. Not all of those arrested were charged with a crime, some were released without charges. 

Law enforcement went back to Barker Ranch in the following days to make sure that they arrested everyone connected to the "hippie car theft ring". They went so far as to hire a helicopter to fly over the area. No other arrests were made.

Some of the documents are difficult to read.  

Those arrested, in the order that they appear in the pdf-

Benson, Charles T/N Charles Manson
Hamic, David Lee T/N William VanSickle but best known as Bill Vance
Brown, Kenneth Richard 
Jesus, Christopher T/N John Philip Haught
Bailey, Lawrence Charles T/N Larry Giddings

Andrews, Sherry T/N Colleen Sinclair
Beth, Tracy T/N Claudia Leigh Smith
Bartell, Sue Phillis T/N Susan Phyllis Bartell
Jardin, Patti Sue T/N Catherine Gillies
Bluestein, Dianne Elizabeth T/N Dianne Lake