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Manson Handwriting Analysis

Eviliz loaned Patty a bunch of her interesting and rare items while we were all on tour together. Recently Patty started going through them and is finding all kinds of cool stuff to post including this image from a British publication called "Murder Casebook" published in 1990:

It is supposedly a "handwriting analysis" meant to enlighten we the readers to Charlie's true character. Graphology, as this kind of analysis is called, is basically bullcrap. From Wikipedia:

"Graphology is the pseudoscientific study and analysis of handwriting, especially in relation to human psychology. In the medical field, it can be used to refer to the study of handwriting as an aid in diagnosis and tracking of diseases of the brain and nervous system. The term is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to forensic document examination. Graphology has been controversial for more than a century. Although supporters point to the anecdotal evidence of thousands of positive testimonials as a reason to use it for personality evaluation, most empirical studies fail to show the validity claimed by its supporters."

What remains interesting to Patty however, are the following tidbits revealed in Charlie's application for credit:

1. He lists his number of dependents as "16."

2. He lists his occupation as "Evangelist," and claims that he's been at it for 20 years.

3. He lists his current address as 441 N. Bouchet in LA, and claims that he has been there for 10 months. There is no such address any more when you search for it on Google Earth.

4. He lists his former address as Spahn's Movie Ranch, and states he lived there for a year.

5. He claims to have a checking account at The Republic National Bank in North Hollywood.

6. George Spahn and someone on Chandler in Van Nuys are listed as his credit references.

Was he being serious, or was this just Charlie amusing Charlie with his own ironic sense of humor? Patty found it interesting.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Judge blocks release of Charles Manson follower’s tapes to LAPD while case under appeal

Crow Bar Saloon

One of our members "Ole J.C." sent me some pics to share.
I am assuming he may be on a Manson voyage.  Thanks for the pics Ole J.C.

Tecopa Hot Springs Road sign. Ole J.C. was nice enough to add the insert of Little Paul with his daughters under the same sign many years ago.

Also from Ole J.C-
Chapter 4 in Desert Shadows:
Later some of the group from Goler Wash were back in town to entertain local youth.
Ward was upset because they had previously dispensed marijuana to some of the town's young people and had been warned about panhandling at the Crow Bar Saloon and shop lifting in the General Store.
3 Pics of the Crow Bar Saloon
1 Pic of the General Store


Candy and Nuts asked- In this article Clem calls himself  "Clemsonmoonstar."
Has anyone else ever heard him called by that name?

Reader Contribution

One of our readers sent me this some time ago, my bad I forget who it was.  Interesting article on the band "The Lemonheads" with a mention of Manson.

Scroll down to Wig Out With Manson.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Netflix Companion: Valley of the Dolls

How did Patty get this far in life without viewing the campy, craptastic masterpiece that is Valley of the Dolls? Who knows. She did, however, finally get around to it, but found herself zipping through the unbearable Patty Duke musical numbers to each new scene with Sharon Tate as Jennifer North.  It was, in short, a painful experience for Panamint Patty: Sharon whispering, "I'm pregnant."

Sharon by the pool of a gorgeous mansion in the Hollywood Hills looking both chic and right at home at the same time.
Sharon giving in to a svengali movie director to make less-than-optimal career moves.

And finally, Sharon being taken out of a building in Beverly Hills motionless, and under a white sheet.

Sigh. She was sooooo beautiful. Her acting skills are not particularly well developed yet, likely because she was still so darned young. Or perhaps because not even Meryl Streep could have worked her magic on this absolute dog of a script. However, her screen presence is undeniable: she really is so beautiful to look at that it hurts. What a star.

Patty wonders if her family was able to watch this and other movies that she starred in after her death: was it comforting to them, or as it was to this outsider, an unsettling experience? If you have never seen it, then do. You may laugh, you may cry, you may just go, "meh." But as a student of this subject, it is an absolute must.

Sharon with Dean Martin


As a strange sidenote, Dean's daughter Deana says she once met Manson at 10050 Cielo Drive

Read where she mentions it HERE

Monday, June 25, 2012

Last Post on The Brotherhood Before Patty Shuts Up

at left: Leary with John Griggs

Amphetamines, bikers and greed set the sixties apart from the seventies in the California drug subculture. With John Griggs, Voytek, Rosemary and possibly others all out of the way within a matter of days, a shady character named John Gale was able to take over the operation and things were never the same. Not that Griggs was a saint: in his early days, he was a gang thug with a record, as were all but one of his closest associates. Their "American Graffiti" era car club was the precursor to the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs that came later. LSD and the comfort of Griggs' teepee, however, may have caused him to go soft and not fully realize what he had built and what it might be worth to less scrupulous parties.

At right in the center is John Gale, Griggs' unofficial successor as head of the BEL

"What," a friend of the blog asked us recently, "would cause all of Hollywood to look away and say 'I never knew Manson' when in fact, we know they did?" Because everyone's hands were dirty with money, drugs, and innocent blood, and everyone was afraid that they might be next!

"The Truth" is likely that Charlie was just a cog in a much larger wheel: a disposable small time criminal who nobody'd believe or take seriously. Charlie was the perfect scapegoat and antithesis to "the beautiful people" who held all the cards and still do to this day. For all his faults, Charlie was not a greedy person. He and others of his time resented the rich "piggies" for overextending their business interests solely because they could. It's a case of the have nots resenting the haves, just as it's been all throughout human history, a fact of life.

This does not, of course, make Charlie any less culpable for what happened. We know for a fact who did the actual killing, and upon whose orders. Whether The Family was acting alone or on the orders of someone higher up, the theory that they were somehow involved with "the syndicate" (as Schreck calls it in his latest book) sure makes a hell of a lot more sense than that "Helter Skelter" BS, don't you think? But, Charlie don't surf, and he don't snitch, either. So, there he sits.

In March of 1972 over 200 law enforcement officials met in San Francisco to share what they had learned about the BEL. Supposedly there were over 750 names on a list they'd compiled of Brotherhood of Eternal Love associates, many of whom were arrested later that same year. Would we the Manson bloggers recognize any of the names on that list? This may be key. And another key, like Jiri said on a previous thread, may be who ended up benefiting financially after the shakedown of '69?

Let's get on it, people!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some begin to connect the dots

Around early June of 1968 several Family members traveled up to the Mendocino area to look for possible locations to resettle. Among them were Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner, Susan Atkins, Stephanie Rowe, Ella Jo Bailey and Patricia Kerenwinkel. The group stayed at a house off Route 28 near Philo. They were arrested on multiple drug charges after giving LSD to a group of local kids. At their trial (in September of '68), they were nicknamed the Witches of Mendocino.

On October 13, 1968, two women were found beaten and strangled to death near Ukiah, California. One, Clida Dulaney, was the 8 months pregnant wife of a CHP officer. The other victim, Nancy Warren, was Dulaney's 64-year-old grandmother. The murders were ritualistic in nature, with 36 leather thongs wrapped around each victim’s throat.

Many, including former Inyo County District Attorney Frank Fowles were certain that the Family had murdered the women to retaliate for the harassment they received as a result of their drug activity and subsequent arrests and convictions.

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Raison d'etre

Q&A Twin House

 Hello. I have a question about the Cielo twin house for the Q & A.

Most would be aware that there was a house very similar in design to 10050 Cielo, known as the twin house, built at the same time and located below 10050. Now when one inputs 10066 Cielo Drive Los Angeles, Ca. into Google Earth, (sorry can't get a screenshot to work) we see 10066 with it's tan roof and an interesting turret style roof structure. There is also a smaller house below with a similar odd turret feature and similar roof color. So my question is - is this mere coincidence or are these two houses somehow related as were the original 10050 and it's twin? And thanks for such a great forum, 


The original home located at 10050 Cielo Drive  in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles California, has been occupied by many famous Hollywood figures, and was the scene of one of the Manson "family" murders. The house was designed by Robert Byrd in 1942 for French actress Michèle Morgan. It was extremely similar, but not exactly identical to the house which sat on its own plateau directly below 10050, 10048 Cielo Drive (often referred to as the "Twin House" -- {see also "10048 Cielo Drive, Twin House"}). They were originally built on land called "The Bedrock Properties" and were built at the same time. The French country style structure was located on 3 acres (1.2 ha) at the end of a cul-de-sac on Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon, an area west of Hollywood in the Santa Monica Mountains that overlooks Beverly Hills and Bel Air. The hillside structure faced east and featured stone fireplaces, beamed ceilings, paned windows, a loft above the living room, a swimming pool and a guest house. By the end of World War II Morgan had returned to France and in 1946 Lillian Gish moved in with her mother while filming Duel in the Sun. Past residents included Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, and Henry Fonda.


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Mother Mary's First Communion

Patty is not sure what she did to deserve such awesome treatment from the good folks at HS Forum, but they are the gift that keeps on giving! Perhaps, because they are solely interested in the victims and not the perpetrators, they do not feel their forum is the right place to post the little gems that they come across from time to time. In any case, Patty is grateful and pleased to be able to share with you yet another awesome Mary pic: voila!

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More on The Brotherhood

at left and bottom: detail from the painting "Taxonomic Mandala" by former BEL member Dion Wright

As Patty mentioned earlier, The Brotherhood of Eternal Love started out as a pseudo-religious organization and, ironically, incorporated themselves as such just a few days after LSD became illegal in the US. The idea was that all of life is interconnected, and that LSD is the sacrament that allows one to realize one's true purpose and  place in the universe. Tim Leary associated with the BEL and wrote a book based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead entitled The Psychedelic Experience that was a supposed "user's guide" to the drug. In it, he wrote of "dying in one's mind," which was taken from the eighth century philosopher Padmasambhava's notion that "the chikhai bardo (or the moment of death) features the experience of the 'clear light of reality', or at least the nearest approximation of which one is spiritually capable."

Dying in one's mind. Hmmmmm. Heard that one before?

However, Patty digresses. Is it pure coincidence that both the BEL and The Family lived in and frequented some of the same places (London, Hawaii, Oregon, San Francisco, Mendocino County)? 

1) Could Bruce going to London have anything to do with drug smuggling?

2) What were The Witches doing in Mendocino, anyway? Why weren't they back at Spahn with their beloved leader? Could they have been running a safehouse instead of or in addition to a brothel? Could CHP Officer Dulaney's wife (Clyda) and mother (Nancy) have been murdered because he was getting too close to "the truth"?

3) Could Ruth Ann have disappeared on Barbara Hoyt in Honolulu to hop over to Maui and pick up a shipment? What kind of LSD was in that burger, anyway, and where did it come from?

4) Where did the Family get most of their LSD, for that matter? Did people really just give Charlie things because he was so enlightened, or was the money coming from something else? Was it weird that Charlie shared his space, his women, his weapons and everything else with a bunch of bikers?

5) Who ended up distributing MDMA in Los Angeles after Voytek was killed?

6) Did Rosemary's family history and Leno's money have anything to do with Mexican marijuana?

Uh huh, these are the makings of some awesome conspiracy theories. But, are they that far out? Maybe...probably...but the circumstantial evidence is compelling, and Patty's got still more..

Q&A Rosalie

In the comments section of a previous post ALIKEN asked-

Is Rosalie still alive?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Were Enforcer Bruce Davis and Members of The Charles Manson Family Responsible For The Zodiac Murders?

Sharon At Cielo

TJ and Ansom

Thank you, LW for the photo.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Farf's Squeaky Stockton Tour

And now, for some comic relief, Patty gives you Farflung's latest creative endeavor.
We love you, Farf!

Hi Patty,
Taking a cue from your awe inspiring mapping of the Stockton crimes, I created either a ‘Squeaky Walking Tour Map of Stockton’ or a Manson centric board game called ‘The Red Zone’.  Wanna play?  Just like being in the family, you now have no choice so follow along.
You start by arriving via Greyhound bus at the terminal located on Center Street.  You then proceed to walk the sixteen blocks to the Flora Street home because your friend was too tired and driving to the station to pick you up, would be a hassle.
The house is a flurry of activity with frantic ad hoc carpentry (shovel handle sawing), gardening and a crying baby beginning to grate your normally steady nerves.  Perhaps a walk to get some fresh air to try and clear your mind would be in order.  Roll the dice of life and take a chance on what will be your destiny.
After nearly six blocks, you realize this isn’t working and notice there is a market on the corner just ahead.  This would be a discreet place to purchase a couple items which would take the edge off of being ignored by your friend Brenda in the form of a package of tampons and a fifth of vodka to soak them in.
The cashier asks if you would like some modeling glue or spray paint to go with your purchase and you enter…… ‘The RED Zone’.
That’s enough!  You grab the first payphone and call those ingrates and demand a ride back because you’re mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.  The phone is answered and before thinking, you demand a ride from the liquor store in a move so ironic, that Otis Campbell feels amateurish.
From the corner market to the slammer on Market Street, you are finally given that ride which you have been denied since landing on the sovereign soil of Stockton.  Sure you’ll spend and unknown amount of time in a lesbian fuelled container of hot messes, and charged with murder, but it’s worth it.
The game ends across the street from where it all began and where you will say farewell to Stockton and what will later be known as ‘The Lost Weekend’.  You venture to other destinations in life while gleaning some satisfaction knowing that you weren’t able to tell Brenda, that it was discovered she is the lovechild of Stan Laurel and Delores Taylor.
Sincerely, Farf

Right Hand Man

In the comments section under the thread Ex Manson Follower's Legal Maneuvers Cause LAPD Delay-

revatron said...

I was reading "Manson's Right-Hand Man Speaks Out!" today on Watson's website. Here is a quote from him "It's not easy for me to talk about or to read about the actual murders as portrayed in my book Will You Die For Me? The facts of my book were taken from tape recordings I did with my attorney only four months after the crime. These recordings were very accurate descriptions of the crime, play-by-play."

That made me think first of all good find.  Second-Tex writes "These recordings were very accurate descriptions of the crime, play by play."

THE CRIME.  Leaves room for speculation. Not THE CRIMES.

He does not mention crime in plural.  Plural to me would mean Tate /LaBianca.  Singular, would that be Crowe or Shea?  Or maybe other crimes we don't know about?  Was it just an error he said crime singular?  I personally think he meant just TLB.  Either way in his book he claims the recordings are accurate. 

Watson denied there are additional crimes besides TLB on the tapes in a legal filing opposing LAPD gaining possession of the tapes. Watson did not object to LAPD detectives being allowed to listen to the tapes in the presence of some kind of court monitor, but LAPD maintains that is not adequate for a proper investigation.  Maybe he is telling the truth (for once) when he says there are no other crimes besides TLB mentioned on the tapes. As always regarding the crimes I am baffled.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cash offer for tapes

Attention to ALL concerned:

The Texas Federal Judge, in the matter of Charles "Tex" Watson's deceased attorney's Law Firm "bankruptcy," has ruled that the LAPD may "take" physical control of certain property (assets) - without providing any form of compensation to the named creditors.

While some folks might think such a gesture to be in keeping with legal traditions, it is NOT, by governing law, proper for a judge to give away, lend, or in any way dispose of anything of value, which is considered an "asset" in a bankruptcy proceeding.

So you might ask: How are the subject 40 year old tape recordings considered an asset?

AND the answer is: Because I Robert Hendrickson d/b/a TOBANN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES do hereby offer the Texas Bankruptcy Court $1000 for the subject 8 hours of audio cassette recordings made by attorney "Boyd" of his client Charles Watson, relating to the Charles Manson Family and the Tate / LaBianca murders, et al.

Apparently, Mr. Watson has relenquished his right to attorney / client priviledge concerning the subject tapes, thus the only genuine issue remaining for the Bankruptcy Court to decide is whether my $1000 offer is considered satisfactory compensation to the creditor's, with regards to the related matter.

That is the applicable LAW, but for a judge to give-away another's valuable asset(s), without any compensation and or without legal justfication is simply "unlawful."

I can be reached via email:

Robert Hendrickson
Tobann International Pictures
The ExclusiveFilm Network

Happy Fathers Day

With Lots Of Love From Your Baby Mommas, Children and Grandson.
Your first wife Rosalie with your deceased son Charles Manson Jr. (Jay White)

Your loving and longing "son" Matthew Roberts and your "daughter" Rebecca Evans-Bonyadi

Your estranged son Valentine Michael Manson and Mother Mary

Last but not least your "hopeful grandson", son of Charles Manson Jr.
Jason Freeman

If I left anyone out, my bad.  Send me your picture and I will add it.
Happy Father's Day to all of our members who are DADS.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ex Manson Follower's Legal Manuevers Cause LAPD Delay

Police believe the recordings between Charles "Tex" Watson and his attorney could hold clues to unsolved murders

Imprisoned killer and former Manson follower Charles "Tex" Watson has not yet found a judge to agree with him. But his ongoing pursuit of legal channels has convinced Los Angeles Police to postpone a mission to get hold of long unheard audio tapes Watson does not want released.
The recordings were made by Watson's then-lawyer after Watson's arrest in connection with the horrific TatLaBianca murders that rocked Los Angeles in August 1969. Police believe the recordings contain information about additional, as yet unsolved murders committed by the infamous murder cult of Charles Manson.

Watson denied this in a legal filing opposing LAPD gaining possession of the tapes. Watson did not object to LAPD detectives being allowed to listen to the tapes in the presence of some kind of court monitor, but LAPD maintains that is not adequate for a proper investigation.

The tapes had been held for decades by Watson's former attorney Bill Boyd.

Following Boyd's death three years ago in Texas, the tapes passed to the custody of a bankruptcy trustee. After LAPD became aware of the situation, it contacted the Eastern Texas Bankruptcy Court, and last month obtained a court order for the tapes.

The order took effect Thursday amid a flurry of legal motions.

A motion signed by Watson himself to stop the transfer was denied Wednesday by Bankruptcy Judge Brenda T. Rhoades. Attorney Kelly Puls filed another motion that same day, and amended it Thursday. It too has been denied.

LAPD had been planning to send two detectives to pick up the tapes, but with word that Watson will appeal to another federal court, the department has decided to hold off, according to LAPD Commander Andrew Smith.

The department is now hoping to obtain the tapes sometime next week.

Ruth Ann Sophomore HS pics

Thanks to Defstar4 for the find!