Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hawthorne Shoot Out Pics

View from inside a police car shot up by members of the Family. In the background is the van they used for this caper.

Gypsy and Mother Mary on the way to court from the "nervous hospital" for their roles in the Hawthorne shootout.

Gypsy and Mary look pretty good for just getting shot.

Fresh out of the "nervous hospital" and ruled sane to stand trial.

Ken Como, Gypsy's man called as a witness for Charlie. Short little bugger.

Dennis,Como and Bailey


Left to right Dennis Rice,Ken Como and Larry Bailey.
On the way to court for the Hawthorne robbery/shootout.


Taken from todays CDCR Star (CA Department of Corrections newsletter.) Ex-Manson family member speaks about his ministry By Tori Brock, The Huntsville Item -- Vincent Bugliosi, author of the Charles Manson true-crime book “Helter Skelter,” called Dennis Rice one of the Manson family's most hard-core members. Rice became a Christian in prison and has been ministering to offenders for the past 25 years. On Friday, Rice spoke to offenders at the Byrd Unit and will be speaking to offenders at the Wynne Unit today. Rice will speak at Univeristy Heights Baptist Church at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Political Prisoners?

He' soooo sexy. And an ingrate and an arrogant liar. I think he is still sitting all these years because of the association w/ The Family. I feel yes it is time to let Bobby out, but if he killed my friend or family member I am sure I would feel differently. How the hell can you kill someone who let you live with them when you we're homless? Someone who helped you out with getting your baby back, feeding you and your child in times of need? Sexy Sadie got what she deserved. I like to call it "cancer karma". If she was still alive and healthy my opionion is-let her continue to rot away. Katie- she needs to remain in prision forever. I don't care how sorry you are Katie, you did your crime now do your time. Just admit it bitch. Leslie, yeah she can go free I guess. Jesus or no Jesus, he must rot there. It is time-let him out. This is a tough one. I think he did serve enough time for the crimes he was accused of. But, does he still has the power to influence? He is an old coot now, and maybe harmless??


Everyone has their opionions on the motive.  I used to have a motive, until I started talking to a lot of people about the case. Shorty I think was the bug in George's ear about all the illegal activities going on.  He was a snitch, he had to die.  I used  to think SA,BB, and MB went to Gary's to get some loot to finance the Family' needs to get out of the dessert, away from the police harrasment.  Gary said "no", then things got out of control and they HAD to kill him or he would snitch. Tate- was because Melcher fell through on his musical promises, didn't matter who was living at Terry's at the time.  A message needed to be sent. A few people have the "drug burn" theory for Voytek. As for Tate- why didn't TW, SA and PK search the house for money or drugs?  It was overkill.  A personal crime. 
Labianca- No clue.  Maybe Leno confronted Charlie when he was next door at Trues. 

He wouldn't give up his money or vehicles.  Selfish pig.

Snitches and other enemies will be taken care of.

was it HeAlter Skelter?

To maybe thin out the pigs? 

A drug burn?