Friday, February 4, 2022

A Joyful Process - America Eats Its Young - PFunk

Blog friend and Vancouver legend, Dusty Doug, sent us that flyer this week. I was unaware there was a Parliament Funkadelic link to the Manson saga. Bernie Worrell is the connection if I had to guess but a guess is all I have to offer. Could be George, too. Definitely willing to learn. 

Ohio is iced-in today. Soup and music are my plans. Here's the studio track of A Joyful Process from the 1972 Funkadelic album, America Eats Its Young. 

Process Church of the Final Judgement Wikipedia

de Grimston and Maclean. Catch you on the flip. +ggw

*Jokes about his nasty toes and Photoshopped cartoon penises. Everyone has my apologies.