Saturday, January 8, 2011

Those were the days

Nancy Davis

The woman below we think is an artist named Nancy Davis who tried to capitalize on the trial publicity.

She is briefly mentioned in Sanders book "The Family" on page 339 (I think chapter 80 or 81). Anybody know anything more about her? Click the link for the pic's.

Bad Blogger

I have busy here with personal stuff.  Got another foot of snow last night, been digging out.   Sorry for no new posts and being a bad comment moderator.  Back in business now!

We are planning lots of good posts for 2011.  And yes we still have all those recent photo's of Family members to post.  No announcing who and when this time.  You will just have to keep watching.  We all know what happened last time.  I received that request from Stephanie's daughter to please not show recent pic's of her mom.  I honored that request.  My evil is shrinking as I age.  If I keep telling when and who I am posting, and peoples family keep contacting me, I won't have anything left to post.