Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nancy Davis

The woman below we think is an artist named Nancy Davis who tried to capitalize on the trial publicity.

She is briefly mentioned in Sanders book "The Family" on page 339 (I think chapter 80 or 81). Anybody know anything more about her? Click the link for the pic's.


hippichick40 said...

Can't see the pics, Liz. I'm getting the message, "You are no longer logged in to AOL."

eviliz said...

ty hippi all fixed now.

Panamint Patty said...

this lady's facial structure is very similar and she is about the right age (?):

hippichick40 said...

They are one and the same. I can feel it in my bones.

Ken619 said...

It say's she was 33 in 1991. The girl in the images does'nt look 12 yrs old to me!

Matt said...

That would make her 52-53 if she was diagnosed at age 33 in 1991. That would put her at 12 in 1970. I vote nay, but that lady is smokin' nonetheless.

beauders said...

Her name was nancy jo davis and was a student of morlock the warlock. She also was a sketch artist for some underground papers who attended the trial. At one point she interrupted the trial to give Judge Older a packet of poems. During the interruption she said the following,
"I've come to defend
my brother on Christ-
ian principles. I
want to kill the law
with the Bible."
She was found in contempt and spent three days in jail. When she was released she said,
"I have Manson coming
out of my head...I
have learned a lot
from Charlie's philo-
sphy. I have also
learned from, from
all the great lead-
The book I am writing is full of intersting characters like her.

Matt said...

@ Beauders - do you know what became of her?

Panamint Patty said...

There is an artist Nancy J Davis who lives in New Mexico, likes to travel the CA coast in her RV, does portraits among other things: No good photo of her.

Anonymous said...

@Beauders - sorry to correct you, but it was Juli Shapiro who was a protege of Morlock, not Davis. And it was Shapiro that was given the jail time. Shapiro was also suspected of being Ronald Hughes one time girlfriend.

beauders said...

according to bravin, gorightly and myself juli shapiro was an apprentice witch - working with morlock the worlock, who stood up at fromme's trial in 1975,and said,
"i have proof that
key prosecution wit-
nesses (ford, secret
service agents, fbi,
local police, citizen
witnesses)were coerced
bribed and threatened."
i believe there was two witches connected to morlock the worlick interested in the manson case. i stand behind my research that nancy jo davis was at the manson trial and what she said and her jail sentence as well as the juli shapiro information above.

beauders said...

i got the information about nancy jo davis from a press-telegram article by mary neiswender from january 15 1971.

Unknown said...

Nancy Jo Davis is my mother. She was the back up court artist for the Manson trial. She has been a professional artist her entire life , working primarily in the French Quarter, New Orleans but also Taos, LA, NY, etc. She was about 34 in the photos at the time of the Manson trial. She visited him in prison at least once when he was sent north, and he corresponded with her frequently for awhile.

She is now retired and sometimes we still talk about Charlie and that crazy period in her life.

Matt said...

Susan, please email me: