Thursday, December 30, 2010

Questions for Susanna Lo

I put up this part for questions to Susanna.

411 on "Manson Girls" by Susanna Lo

Unlike other blogs, I go one step further for you.  I spoke with Robert Hendrickson personally about his new book due out soon.  I posted that interview here.

Earlier today I spoke with Susanna Lo.  Got a really good low down on the Manson Girls movie.  It begins filming  in L.A. April 2011.

Things you wanted to know from Susanna Lo.  I posted the best parts for everyone.

Hi Liz,   The thing I want to point out the most is that Manson Girls is not the same project that Matthew Bright and Lindsay Lohan was attached to. I wrote this script over four years ago. My script doesn't deal with Nancy Pittman at all. It takes place during the girls' teenage years and follows several of them to Spahn Ranch and ends a minute before the Tate/LaBianca murders. I was much more fascinated with telling the girls' story, and not Manson's or Bugliosi's stories. I wanted to know how so many young girls were seduced into this situation and why.

FYI: Associated Press has invited me and the actors in Manson Girls for a Press Conference/Launch Event at The Gibson Guitar Lodge during the Sundance Film Festival, on January 24th. They'll be streaming the conference live on AP Live and Warner Brothers Music site. And a couple of The Doobie Brothers will be performing original music they wrote for Manson Girls. So you can also find out what the actors involved have to say about the project.

I will be keeping in contact with her as things progress.  Any questions you want me to ask her?   I set up a section for that.

Why have a blog if all you are going to do is copy articles?
I prefer to write my own article. I in my slippers, take you one step further.

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