Friday, June 29, 2012

Judge blocks release of Charles Manson follower’s tapes to LAPD while case under appeal

Crow Bar Saloon

One of our members "Ole J.C." sent me some pics to share.
I am assuming he may be on a Manson voyage.  Thanks for the pics Ole J.C.

Tecopa Hot Springs Road sign. Ole J.C. was nice enough to add the insert of Little Paul with his daughters under the same sign many years ago.

Also from Ole J.C-
Chapter 4 in Desert Shadows:
Later some of the group from Goler Wash were back in town to entertain local youth.
Ward was upset because they had previously dispensed marijuana to some of the town's young people and had been warned about panhandling at the Crow Bar Saloon and shop lifting in the General Store.
3 Pics of the Crow Bar Saloon
1 Pic of the General Store


Candy and Nuts asked- In this article Clem calls himself  "Clemsonmoonstar."
Has anyone else ever heard him called by that name?

Reader Contribution

One of our readers sent me this some time ago, my bad I forget who it was.  Interesting article on the band "The Lemonheads" with a mention of Manson.

Scroll down to Wig Out With Manson.