Thursday, August 21, 2014

Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV in Manson Tees

Since we are on the topic of The Process, Patty has bumped this one up from our copious archive of drafts. Blog reader Zachary sent in the following interesting tidbit for your viewing pleasure:

"Saw this today, an old shot ('80s) of the band. Genesis P-Orridge pushed the envelope, is pushing it still, now part woman.

We spent time with them in the '90s, went to their shows. He was into Crowley and the occult big-time, and into cultural shock in general. He was also at one time involved with the Process Church of the Final Judgment."

More about Genesis, born Neil Andrew Megson:

In 1969, (s)he joined a British commune where (s)he was forbidden from sleeping in the same place on consecutive nights. Food was cooked at irregular times of the day and all clothing was kept in a communal chest. This was done to throw everyone off of their daily schedule and make them more susceptible to suggestion. (S)he left after three months.

In 1981, (s)he founded Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, which was a cult: TOPY-CHAOS in Australia, TOPYNA in North America and TOPY Station 23 in Europe. Sub-stations called Access Points were located throughout America and Europe. The group focused on psychic phenomena, chaos, atheism, magic and "guiltless sexuality." The musical expression of this cult manifested in the band Psychic TV, which is pictured above with switchblades and Manson tees. The man at far right also has a Process Church symbol on his right shoulder.

Interesting, no?