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Manson Family High Schools Master List - Community Request Post

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 

Shoe's recent work motivated me to attempt to group the folks from the Manson arrests together and look for patterns and commonalities within the created groups. I've wondered if Paul Watkins was fibbing about Charles Manson sending him back to high school to procure young loves ever since I read Watkins' book on the Col's site during the halcyon days of my early Manson research. Let's start there.  

Hey, man,” Charlie said after a long silence. “Speaking of young love, how about you hustling some new blood? You know, maybe enroll in that high school. I see some fine-looking girls walking to school in the morning. Can you dig that?”

“Sure, why not… maybe I can get my diploma!”

Charlie chuckled. “Yeah… get educated… study the mystery of history, and the ramis-jamis… and in the meantime, we’ll call it the in-between time. Then, on the other hand, of course, you have a ring.” Charlie looked down at his left hand, the middle finger of which sported a turquoise ring. “Now,” he went on, “take the toad’s toenail… pretty ain’t it – bleep, bleep – ride in a jeep.”

And then..

It was two o’clock by the time we got back to the house. I had Stephanie draw me a bath, then I changed clothes and drove the BSA bike I’d just acquired down to Birmingham High to enroll.

The wrap up...

By then my stint as a student at Birmingham High had come to an end. After two weeks of classes, I’d gotten bored, but not before luring several attractive girls to Gresham Street to get loaded and make love. While none of these girls ever joined the Family, my success pleased Charlie.

“Motherfucker! Those little gals love your ass!”

* I don't necessarily believe Lil Paul remembered conversations word for word. Or even at all. 

When I wrote about Patricia Krenwinkel a couple of months back, we touched on today's cultural focus on stopping the sex trafficking of minors and discussed how our modern opinions influence parole hearings for crimes that took place over half a century ago.  

If I could somehow disengage from my generalized misanthropy, inability to suffer fools, germs thing, unwillingness to engage in or witness human contact, love of central air, dislike of discomfort and inconvenience, aversion to desert dumpsters, sleeping on the ground, viruses, and (of course) the murders, I can totally see myself enjoying machine guns, dune buggy races, and nonstop Tommy Chong-sized 1969 joints beside a campfire while assuring Mary Brunner that Wisconsin football will always take a back seat to the mighty Buckeyes. 

EJB could fill us in on the teams in the MAC. I'd say, "Yeller, put yer glasses on. That rule really ain't a rule. And your conference is junior varsity." But only if Bill wasn't around. I do my best to avoid fights with boxing champions. 

I'd wager Charlie was skilled at thumping bigger dudes. If the no eyeglasses rule really was a rule, maybe I could bribe the boss with a crow or some other desert animal I summoned via my magical powers and a triangle I stole from the Chatsworth High band room. How am I supposed to read my books without my spectacles, Charlie? 

Picture me rollin. Tokyo drifting across that hot sand with Brenda McCann in a bikini top beside me in the passenger seat. She's a minor. I'm a minor. We're all freakin minors with dune buggies and it's so hot outside. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you as always for tuning in to your forever honest journalist, Goodness Gracias Greene-Whyte, reporting from out back behind old George's movie ranch.  

Before I go ranking my favorite Manson girls and choosing a mattress that smells like cat urine, I have to know if anyone was exploiting minors. If yes, I want to know how that particular machine worked. Where did the minors come from and who reeled them in? 

If I turn to the Internet for answers, it's super easy to find someone saying, "Oh, they were a cult yackity yackity and all day was spent recruiting." That gem is uttered to death. 

Searching to verify, I'll sometimes ask others to ask this or that person from the family if they were part of a cult and spent all day recruiting. Without fail, the people always come back repeating things like, "No way. We met up in the morning for chores and then broke off into groups or alone to do whatever we wanted all day." 

But if I return here with that info and present a front row view from 1969, multiple views from front row 1969 even, some readers will scoff. "Whatever. They're a pack of g-damn liars who should burn in Hell." 

Oh, how the venom drips. Who am I left to believe? Someone who lived it, or someone on the Internet who acts like they know things? 

Rhetorical. The answer is obviously the Internet. Here's a short list of things I think we can believe without a ton of debate: 

- We have public records proving Charlie was a pimp in his younger days 

- Lynette Fromme mentions herself, Katie, and Brenda turning tricks out of Pete DiLeo's house 

- Prostitution has been with us longer than written language  

Let's take that list, the Manson mugs, sundry others caught with the Slippies, and build a shrine upon Mt. Data. I want to make a spreadsheet of their high schools and see if any rhyme or reason pivots out. 

See what I did there? I know. Writer jokes are corny but they're all I have. 

On with the show. I'm posting the mugs again below so no one has to scroll. Let's add as we go. Again, please feel free to correct. The people who steal this work and present it without credit to their cliques will appreciate you but not like I do. My love is real. 

Buntline got us started and I added what I know. Homie is en fuego. 

1. Charles Manson - No HS 

2. Bobby Beausoleil - Santa Barbara HS - CA

3. Danny DeCarlo - Crenshaw HS?- CA 

4. Clem Grogan - Simi Valley HS - CA

5. Sandra Good - Point Loma HS - San Diego, CA 

8. Susan Atkins - Leigh HS - San Jose, CA

8. Susan Atkins - Los Banos HS - CA 

11. Leslie Van Houten - Monrovia HS - CA

12. Sherri Cooper - Royal HS - Simi Valley, CA

13. Stephanie Rowe - University HS - Los Angeles, CA

14. Ella Jo Bailey - Holland HS - Holland, MI

15. Mary Brunner - Regis HS? - Eau Claire, WI 

16. Patricia Krenwinkel - Westchester HS -  CA

18. Catherine Share - Hollywood HS - CA

22. Harold True - Birmingham HS - Van Nuys, CA

23. Tex Watson - Farmersville HS - Farmersville, TX

27. Sue Bartell - Canoga Park HS - CA

29. Vern Plumlee - Washington HS - Portland, OR

31. Karate Dave - San Pedro HS - CA

32. Colleen Sinclair - Lutheran HS - Los Angeles, CA

33. Stephanie Schram - Grossmont HS - CA

34. Nancy Pittman - Hollywood HS -  CA

35. Dianne Lake - Big Pine HS - CA 

36. Kitty Lutesinger - Granada Hills HS - CA

38. Allen Lee Delisle - Granada Hills HS - CA

39. Catherine Gillies - Sanger HS - CA

40. Charlie Giffin - Simi Valley HS - CA

41. Bruce Davis - Roan County HS - TN 

42. Lynette Fromme - Redondo Union HS - CA

42. Lynette Fromme - Westchester HS - CA

44. Ruth Ann Moorehouse - Westmont HS - CA

45. "Madeline Cottage" - Freedom Area HS - PA

48. Linda Kasabian - Milford High School - NH

49. Diane Von Ahn - Washington HS - Portland, OR 

50. Barbara Hoyt - William H Taft HS - Woodland Hills, CA

53. Paul Watkins -  Thousand Oaks HS - CA

56. Ruth Gordon - Chatsworth HS - CA

58. Robert Earl Murray -  Pittsford Central HS - Pittsford, NY

59. Thomas Galella - Simi Valley HS - CA


Not shown in Mugshots but on Deemer's list or elsewhere:  

AL-Louis Covell - Woodrow Wilson HS - Long Beach, CA

Jennifer Gentry - Santa Monica HS - CA

Sharon Rayfield - George Porter MS - CA

Linda Rose Hovsepian - Leuzinger HS - Lawndale, CA

Chuck Lovett - Birmingham HS - Van Nuys, CA

Brooks Poston - Weslaco HS - TX

Kevin Schooler Raph - Chatsworth HS - CA

Onjya Sipe (JoAnn Myers) - Downey Union - CA 

Juanita Wildebush - Westwood HS - New Jersey 


* At a glance, several kids went to Simi Valley High. The most major figure from the family who attended Simi Valley is Steve Grogan. 

** I believe Lynette Fromme also attended Westchester HS but not at the same time as Pat. 



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