Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catherine Gillies

Q&A Tuesday #1

We have discussed Stephanie Rowe once before. This is one of the more puzzling Family questions we have discussed before. Does anyone have anything new to offer?

Stephanie's mugshot is to the left. Does anyone know the date of the mugshot?

The Grump from Pahrump asks-
Stephenie Rowe/AKA Suzanne Scott

What The Grump knows about her - she was one of the "Witches of Mendocino" arrested with Sadie.

She was mentioned a few times in Little Paul's book, once about driving with her to the desert.

In an interview with Paul in "Death to Pigs", he said she was (is) Jewish.

In the books "The Family", and Adam G.s "Shadows over Santa Susana", she (Stephanie) is identified as the Jane Doe initially identified by Ruby Pearl as "Sherry".

It seems she was with The Family for quite a while. Just wondering if anyone has any more info on her, and what do you think about her being one of the Jane Doe's?

Eviliz surfed the web looking for anything on Stephanie Rowe/Suzanne Scott.

From Mark Turner's site:

Suzanne Scott a.k.a Stephanie Row, a.k.a. Barbara Junior. DOB 3-23-50

From~The X Spot:

Jane Doe #44-Police believed the body of Jane Doe #44 belonged to former "Manson Family" member Susan Scott a.k.a. Stephanie Rowe. Because they lacked identification and other evidence, no charges were ever filed, even though authorities suspected Charlie and his gang of her murder.

Below from a previous Rowe post/ discussion here. Click on the link to read the full story.

Police sketch of victim

Mulholland Drive and Skyline Drive where the body was found.

Another story another theory

California Dreamin': World premier play about Charles Manson at The Met Theatre in L.A.

Jill Charlotte Thomas' new play explores the events leading up to the Manson Family murders of 1969 and suggests a friendship between Charles Manson and coffee heiress and murder victim Abigail Folger. This alternative theory of what lead up to the brutal attacks on 1005o Cielo Drive suggests that the killing may not have been entirely random, that the attackers may have known their victims and that there was a cover up to protect Folgers reputation.

Check out the link for time and dates.

Go see it, bring back a play bill and write us a review.

Thanks to a friend for the tip.