Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Fabulous Bastards from Chicago: Is This Shorty?

Submitted by Farflung:

"Hey Patty,
Need a little help with some more trivia.  Take a look at the ‘extended trailer’ in the below URL.  You may need to first click the ‘Remove Family Safe Filter’ button because it is a soft core flick named ‘The Fabulous Bastard from Chicago’.  No, I’m not trying to get my jollies having you watch a skin flick; this is the movie which is rumored to have Shorty Shea appear:
The footage of interest is (2:06-2:23). 
Is the man with his face strategically hidden throughout the fight, in the western setting and doing some stunts Shorty?  I can’t tell.
There are only a few confirmed images of Shorty and they certainly don’t look like a man who is 35 years of age, but I’m a terrible age estimator.  It just appeared to be worth a glance since so little is published about this man.
What do you think?
Sincerely Farf."
IMDB says that Shorty did appear in this movie in an uncredited role. So, is that him at 2:06?