Thursday, July 17, 2014

Manson Timeline

Last night a Word document with a well-reserched timeline was sent to the major TLB forums. The person who put in the hard work to compile it has requested anonymity.

I converted it to a downloadable PDF and have made it available HERE. Just enter your email address and it will be sent to you automatically.
I have been studying this case for 35+ years. I have read, enjoyed and learned from all of your blogs. I appreciate all the hard work and generosity you have all displayed in sharing your info. I started working on a timeline a couple of years ago because of my bad memory and I love timelines—it’s easier to see patterns of behavior and to nail down facts. I stepped up work on it recently and have amassed a helluva lot of info (maybe too much). Since I do not have the financial means to donate to your blogs, I thought I could offer up the efforts of my time as a way to say thank you and give back a little of what I’ve gained from your endeavors

If you look closely, or remember, you will see I 'borrowed' the original timeline from Mark Turner's seemingly now defunct site, I just added a lot more info. I was originally going to offer it to just one site, but in effort to minimize the seemingly ever present bullshit claims I’ve seen fly back and forth over the years of stealing the truth (how can you steal the Truth?? Maybe you can't HANDLE the Truth or find it, but it’s hard to steal it!! lol) I’ve decided to offer it to you all. You can only bring forward the Truth and the reality of this whole case and your blogs, is that all of it has been built upon the work of other people, many other people. Without all of them, you guys, my 35+ years of research and effort, this timeline would not have been possible. In putting this together I’ve come to realize that there is overlap in info that people paid money for (transcripts, parole hearings, legal docs, etc) and it just seemed like a waste. Chalk it up to a "Can't we all just share" plea. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox.

Early on I was given a great suggestion to add links. While I have not purposely left out sites, I've just been more easily able to find what I needed to back facts from Cats and Cielo's sites. If some or all of you decide you’re not interested, no problem - the journey was well worth it for me. I was able to narrow some areas of interest I want to focus on. If you decide you want to post it and change links, add your own or make any changes, no problem. I realize I've left stuff out, there's just so much info. If you decide to post it, I would like to remain anonymous. Give credit to Mark as the originator and I can just be a 'friend' to the TLB case. I uncovered none of this info on my own, just put 'some' of the facts together. I will be adding to my own timeline forever, and have started to work on key players' timelines as well as the years '67-69 in more of a micro way. If interested in that, I will give you what I put together, when it’s relatively put together. My original idea was to have the timeline posted as a Work-in-Progress and have people add verified info as it comes up - a collaborative effort if you will. Just a suggestion though.