Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DeJon R Lewis

Mr. DeJon Ramone Lewis recently came to "fame" when he represented Charles Manson at his latest parole hearing. The one which Charlie chose NOT to attend. Patty heard him interviewed recently on Brian Davis' excellent radio show (see http://www.starcityradio.com). It was also on Mr. Davis' show that Patty inquired a while back, "who is Charlie's attorney?" The barrage of comments came that it was Giovanni di Stefano. Patty was suspicious of this answer because friend of the blog A.C. said it wasn't so, and because she could find no proof on line.

Anywhoo, Patty was very impressed by Mr. DeJon R. Lewis' professional demeanor and his eloquence. And she also tends to agree with him that Charlie needs a shrink at this point, not more time in the hole.  Think of the things that criminal science could learn from him!

Patty is not ashamed to admit that because of Mr. Lewis' first name and the lovely baritone of his speaking voice, she assumed he was black. Turns out, he is. How, you ask, does a black man come to represent the world's most evil man, the one who wanted blacks to be subjugated to him and his 144,000 offspring at the conclusion of his epic race war? How does this happen? Because, Helter Skelter was a lie, in Patty's humble opinion, and because Mr. Lewis appears (on the very surface, at least) to be a thoughtful and competent attorney.

Patty took the liberty of looking up Mr. Lewis on line. He did his undergrad at Chaminade in Honolulu where Patty's sister used to work, and law school at the Ventura College of Law. He passed the Bar in 2003, and practices injury and family law in Ventura, CA just south and west of Corcoran, but in a different county. How then did he get to be Charlie's court appointed attorney? Mr. Lewis has never even met him, as per Mr. Lewis. Patty needs to look into this a bit further, don't you think?