Monday, June 13, 2016

Laurence Merrick and the Crazy Person

Look - my first guest post and my first blog post in God knows how long !!!

Back in the day I would buy like 20 magazines a week. Now in our fast internet world I maybe buy 20 in a year.

FilmFax is a pretty obscure film magazine that comes out 3 or 4 times a year. This article is from the latest issue.

They don't really address the Manson Doc very much at all.  They do call Watkins an "actor" in one pic.  

We learn more about the murder of Laurence Merrick than I ever knew. We learn that the insanity defense actually used to work- this crazy fucker did only 4 years for murder. If only the girls had tried it!

We see very little about the documentary, no mention of our esteemed friend Robert and lots of words from Merrick’s widow. I hope Deb S can tell us what happened to the killer after release, is he still with us?

The Col is pleased to share it with the readership of the best remaining active, if Unofficial, TLB Blog.